Tesco Hygro Cotton Towel Range

Since moving out and furnishing my flat last year, I have found such a passion for decorating and interior design. I never thought towels would be on that list of exciting things to purchase, but when I heard about Tesco’s Hygro Cotton Towel range I realised just how important it is to get great quality towels that will last.

When I moved out and started purchasing items for the flat it was certainly value over quality at that time, we all know how expensive it is to move house and especially as I had a month to furnish an entire flat! I brought my current towels off eBay as they were great value for money, having used them for nearly a year now they have lost their softness and I do feel like I would need to replace them soon. Tesco’s Hygro Cotton range claims to get better and better the more you use them. The towels are soft and fluffy to start with, but wash and tumble dry them a few times and they igrow even plumper. It’s all thanks to the unique Hygro technology, a spinning technique that creates a hollow fibre that traps air to give a thicker pile.Tesco Hygro Cotton Towel Range

Now instantly this appeals to me, I am so used to towels getting worse with every wash not getting better and better! Tesco were kind enough to send me the Taupe collection to match my sandy/biscuit coloured bathroom. I’ve been putting them to the test by using them and washing them. On my first use, the towels were naturally soft, absorbent and fluffy. After the first wash the towels felt a little thicker and still soft, absorbent and fluffy. By the third wash cycle and leaving them to dry in the tumble dryer. They had become thicker and softer than the first two uses. In my experience with other towels it normally takes a month or so for the effects to wear off, but with these Tesco towels the benefits keep growing with every use. My favourite towel out of the range is the face cloth as I’ve never had a flannel so soft before, it really does make all the difference.

Face Cloth – £1

Hand Towel – £2.80

Bath Towel – £7

Bath Sheet – £9

I believe this is incredible value for money as I paid similar for my previous towels, which haven’t lasted well at all! Tesco have made this range really affordable for everyone and I am so glad I finally have great quality towels that will last. You can visit the Tesco website here and view the full range of Hygro Towels available. Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Tesco’s home range in the comments below. This post was written in collaboration with Tesco. Tesco Hygro Cotton Towel Range

Emma xx
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