With this cold snap setting in my skin over the last few weeks has gone into a frenzy. My acne has once again broken out and I think it’s down to dehydration of my skin. I have tried all my usual tips and tricks, but sadly it doesn’t seem to have done the job. When I’m in crisis I head to The Body Shop in Dorchester and see what they can suggest. So today I’m bringing to you the latest additions to my beauty regime, Drops Of Youth.

Becky the manager knows my skin so well now, and instantly recommended the new Drops of Youth range to help with my skin’s cry for help. There are seven products in the range including, a liquid peel, essence-lotion, cream, eye concentrate, wonderblur and a bouncy sleeping mask. After speaking with Becky about my dehydrated and acne prone skin, she suggested trying the new liquid peel and concentrate. So here is how I got on…

Drops Of Youth Liquid Peel £15

I’ve been using the liquid peel for over a week now and have instantly noticed results. I can’t believe how much dirt comes off my face! It’s suggested to use the face peel 2-3 times a week, I’ve used this three times now and absolutely love it. You apply two pumps onto your dry skin and massage in for around 20 seconds. Once clumps start to form you know it’s worked, keep massaging in and when finished wash off with warm water. I literally can’t describe to you how clean my face feels afterwards, and since using this I have noticed my complexion appears clearer and my acne has gone down which is a bonus.

Drops Of Youth Concentrate £26

I’ve always been really conscious of putting oily products onto my face as I’m so acne prone. What I’ve found from speaking to different beauty experts is that actually by avoiding some oils, I’m making my skin issues worse and ultimately dehydrated. As the Drops Of Youth range is infused with plant stem cells which are designed to renew and thrive, this makes it the perfect anti-aging range. Although I’m blessed not to need these sort of products at the moment, I absolutely love how the concentrate sits on my skin. It’s surprisingly not very oily at all upon application and it worked easily into my skin after the liquid peel. It instantly left my skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth which I absolutely love. I just can’t get over how soft and clean my skin feels after using these products. I can proudly say after nearly two weeks of using these products my skin is clearing up a treat and it has genuinely never looked so clear without makeup on. I’m proudly parading my bare face, which is something I wouldn’t have felt confident doing before now.

You can visit The Body Shop website here and view the entire Drops Of Youth range. Thank you to The Body Shop for kindly letting me try these products and as always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Emma xx
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