With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it was time that I rekindled my love for Jewel Candle and experience their latest products.

Jewel Candle have released a new range of their famous jewellery candles and bath bombs. Whenever I go on their website I always find new and creative products which really do make me want to order it all! I’ve had a few candles before now and have absolutely loved them, not only do you get a lovely candle to fragrance your home with you also get a piece of jewellery in the candle worth up to £250. As much as I love this idea I always end up excessively burning my candle for days to get the jewel out meaning I go through these quite quickly!THE JEWEL CANDLE VALENTINE'S EDIT

So this time around I wanted something a little different and just in time for Valentine’s Day (yes this can be a gift to myself #singleladies). Candle wise I went for the standard ring candle, although you can now get a candle with either a ring, earrings, pendant or a necklace in. The large ring candle pictured is £24.95, which is a little more than what I woud normally pay but I am getting the extra sparkly surprise inside. I chose the Monoi de Tahiti candle as with Spring around the corner, I also didn’t fancy any of the Valentine’s range candles personally. I wanted something sweet and fresh to brighten up my office. I am absolutely obsessed with this fragrance, I couldn’t be happier it’s a mixture of tropical and a fresh/clean smell. Secondly, I chose something a bit different this time which was the I love you 2 in 1 cupcake bath bomb which retails for £24.95 also. Now oh boy, this is an expensive bath bomb but with the potential of an up to £250 ring, pendant or earrings these make the perfect gift this Valentine’s day. What could be better than a relaxing bath, a glass of wine and a surprise pair of earrings! Well that’s my Valentine’s day sorted anyway I can’t wait to pamper myself and enjoy my new candle.

You can visit the Jewel Candle website here and get an EXCLUSIVE 15% OFF with code – COUPONQUEEN. Also, make sure to head over to my Instagram @couponqueenemma to enter my competition with Jewel Candle, where you can WIN a candle of your choice (ends 05/02/17). This post was written in collaboration with Jewel Candle. As always please do let me know your thoughts on Jewel Candle in the comments below.


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