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So many of you ask where I store all my goodies from my massive hauls, the answer is simple on my stockpile! Since moving back to my parents, I no longer have my spare room full of shelves! I have been confined to my wardrobes which aren’t great when you also have a love for clothes.

The stigma attached to stockpiles are wasteful, expensive, take up a lot of room. I’m about to show you how all these points can be turned into positives!

– Space –

Space can be an issue if like me you don’t have a spare room, and you don’t want to look at it every time you walk in the living room/bathroom e.t.c. A cupboard is ideal, garage, basement, any small cool areas which food e.t.c can be stored safely. Start of small don’t overload yourself or you will find you will run out of space, and your rooms will look like your an extreme hoarder! Another opinion attached to stockpiles is that we are all hoarders, which I don’t think is true at all, I know mine and fellow Extreme Couponers stockpiles are the most precious, tidiest and organised places of the house!

– Cost –

Many are scared to bulk buy whether its the cost or space issue, if its a freebie stock up why not? and if its a deal you will use often e.g. Shower Gel why not stock up it will save you money in the long run. Another benefit I find is you never run out no more running out of shampoo or toilet roll and cause unnecessary trips to the shop on a Sunday night. I personally paid for my 4 tier and 3 tier shelving I got them on offer and paid £15 for both. Crazy Coupon Lady Anastasia hasn’t paid for any of her’s (lucky!) she has done this by looking on Facebook pages for people giving them away and relatives who no longer have a need for the storage, they even include 2 metal catering shelves!

– Wasteful –

Stockpiles can come across wasteful, personally I don’t have much on mine as most products I have at the moment are either in the freezer/fridge. Always order them by date have the shortest date at the front so you don’t find products are going out of date quickly. When buying in bulk get food with long Best Before Dates and products that will last. I personally have year’s supplies of different products all of which I will use and I won’t need to buy any more for a year or so! The main trick is only get products you will use/eat if you don’t like Danio yoghurts don’t get 30 and stockpile them, donate them! Many homeless shelters/ Charities are grateful for the food and products. I had about 15 Boxes of cereal all of which had 2 months left (BBD) so I donated them all so they wouldn’t be wasted!

I spoke to a Anastasia (Crazy Coupon Lady) who has a Stock pile we all joke could open a shop, this is what she had to say on Stockpiles being beneficial.

“I love my Stockpile, it’s getting really addictive! I am lucky in the fact I have a massive dining room which I can fill. Getting free shelving has helped greatly also I give a lot away to my family so they always help themselves when they are over. I don’t think its hoarding I’m so protective over mine it’s constantly tidy not even the cats are allowed near it or my partner!”

I hope this has cleared a few ideas up of Stockpiling and how beneficial they can really be, a great website to start stockpiling cheaply is Approved Food:

Cheap Stockpiling Units: 4 Tier currently on offer for £13.29



Emma xx
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