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Ever since moving into our flat I have been learning new and easy hacks for creating the most storage in small spaces. The bathroom is always a tricky one as it is the smallest room in the flat, but I seem to have the most products to store!

As we are renting, it is really hard to get permission to drill things in walls, and make drastic changes. Finding fixtures which are temporary is really hard. I’ve had about every suction fixture from most high street stores you can imagine and they just don’t last! I want my bathroom to look neat and tidy and not have all my beauty products cluttering up the free space.

Wholesale Domestic

I came across Wholesale Domestic who are a bathroom superstore, and they kindly introduced me to their Super Suction range. In the end I went for 3 items, 2 corner units, and one shower basket. What happened next is completely my fault as I truly believed I had flat tiles in my bathroom. I do not have flat surface tiles in my bathroom. So there’s me getting all excited about my new storage units and saving a massive 60%! Little did I realise the two corner units were not going to love my bathroom tiles at all. The sponge basket as pictured above works great on my glass screen, so I’m really happy that worked. Sadly, as my tiles are uneven these just didn’t stick.

Wholesale Domestic

So the moral of the story is make sure you have a completely flat surface to stick these to. I did test them out, stuck to the bath and they really do hold a lot of weight. I’m really surprised at how well the Super Suction works and that it holds weight well. Oh well, looks like my parents can try these out as they do have flat tiles and will reap the rewards of these great storage ideas. The prices for these 3 products are;

Super Suction Vertex Sponge Basket £15.95 – RRP £39.95

Super Suction Vertex Corner Basket £15.95 – RRP £39.95

Super Suction Axis Corner Vanity £26.95 – RRP £67.95

Wholesale Domestic sell absolutely everything you can think of that you would need in a bathroom. The have great reductions on at the moment so make sure to visit their website if you are planning on re-vamping your bathroom.

Wholesale Domestic

This post is kindly sponsored by Wholesale Domestic.

Emma xx
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