Zoella Beauty – Sweet Inspirations Review

Our favourite Youtuber Zoella has been at it again, this year she has been busy creating beautiful pastel french patisserie style heaven with these gorgeously packaged beauty must haves.

Not only was I hooked from the minute Zoe launched the Sweet Inspirations products on her Youtube channel, but the rose gold and pastel pink detailing had me well and truly on board. I placed my order through feelunique and it arrived the next day which was really handy as I’m such an impatient person! The Sweet Inspirations range smells exactly how it sounds with a touch of macaroons. The scent is featured throughout all the products, which I really love as when applying the body creme and body mist afterwards it really enhanced the scent. I’m so glad Zoe has included so many bath products this time round, as I’m loving bath’s at the moment and it’s a great way to add some excitement but on a budget. So let’s have a look at what I got…

Zoella Beauty - Sweet InspirationsFragranced Body Mist £8

This refreshing Summer scent really leaves you feeling good enough to eat, continuing with the macaron theme. This body mist certainly lasts, I sprayed it on after using the body creme and this really enhanced the smell and I think made it last longer throughout the day.

Life Is Sweet Make-Up Bag £6

This frilly delight is certainly smaller than it looked online, you could probably only fit a few key make-up items in here. It does make it easier to fit into your handbag so I can see the logic in making it smaller this time round. I love the gold detailing and it is a more purply white than you expect, it reminds me of my favourite sweets parma violets!

Double Creme £5

This sweet treat leaves skin feeling cool and enriched with moisture. Treat yourself to a dollop of indulgence with this macaron scented body creme. Enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil, cacao and honey. This is a thicker creme than Zoella’s last range but equally, it still feels cooling and hydrating on the skin.


Sugar Dip £6

A new addition to the Zoella beauty family is Sugar Dip (scented bath salt granules). I’m not a big lover of bath salts, I’m more of a bubble and bath bomb kind of girl. After trying these with the Bath Latte, my whole bathroom smelt of macaron heaven. I probably wouldn’t use these alone as I felt they didn’t add much excitement to my bath, but mixed with the Bath Latte it was the perfect combination.

Bath Latte £6

Not only do I love the rose gold top, I love the style and packaging. It’s such a great touch and looks lovely in my bathroom. Mixed with Sugar Dip this created the ultimate Sweet Inspirations bath and really enhanced the scent.

Untitled design (34)

Le Fizz £5

Yet another bath time treat! Now controversially I’m not a big fan of the fragranced bath fizzer’s that’s not because they aren’t fab, but I just love dramatic bath bombs like I buy from LUSH. While the scent alone will leave you in a sweet daydream in the bath. I just wish it was a bath bomb! I brought it this time round to see if any improvements had been made, sadly it’s just the scent that’s changed.

You can visit the Superdrug website here to get your hands on these gorgeous products and let me know in the comments below your thoughts and if you’ve tried them yet 🙂

Emma xx
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