Label M – Diamond Dust Range

We all love to feel and look glamorous for less, and what better way to bring diamonds into your life than with Label M’s new Diamond Dust Range!

The ingredients alone leave me lusting over this new range, black and white Diamond Dust particles, Champagne, White Rose Petal Oil and Pearls. I’m sold! So how did the Shampoo and Conditioner compare to my Davines I’m using at the moment? Well, I did have unrealistic expectations that my hair would shimmer and sparkle, but not only do the products leave your hair smelling great my hair has never felt so soft. It’s easy to style and has just improved the whole quality of my hair. It claims to work by gently removing toxins and build-up from the scalp and hair, whilst dramatically transforming hair’s condition.

After using the Shampoo & Conditioner for 3 weeks now, I have seen my hair’s health improve, it stays cleaner for longer and does shine! At £20.25 for the Shampoo and £22.95 for the Conditioner, these are not cheap! My Mum first introduced me to the Label M brand and she has sworn by them for years. I am really impressed with the results, but I do feel this is too expensive to use every other day. I would personally use this as a pick me up when my hair is looking dull and need’s a boost.Label M Diamond Dust Range

Next was to test out the Body Lotion, at £19.95 again this is a very luxury lotion! Enriched with the same ingredients, it left my skin feeling soft and sparkling to the high heavens. This would be a great addition to a night out or a glamorous event. It doesn’t shine too obviously, but it gives you a really nice dewy sparkle which will go perfectly with your Summer glow! Thank you to the lovely PR team at Label M for letting me try these luxurious products.

You can visit the Label M website here and don’t forget you to get your FREE limited edition Designer Tote Bag with every 3 products you purchase!

Label M Diamond Dust Range


Emma xx
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