Magnitone The Full Monty Review

I was first introduced to Magnitone last year when I brought the original facial cleansing brush. I have been using it ever since and have noticed some fantastic results. So it’s time to go one step further, and show you The Full Monty!

So why upgrade I hear you say? Well, I wasn’t planning to but the lovely team at Magnitone wanted me to experience The Full Monty as see why it worth the upgrade. So although this one isn’t pink like my last The Full Monty is available in Grey & Blue. It is almost double the price of the original brush at £130 but if you scroll down I have found you a fab offer!

Magnitone The Full Monty Review

The Full Monty comes with added extra’s, a wireless USB charging cradle, the exfoliator head and a well heeled pedicure head. I couldn’t wait to try the 5 new modes which also come with the upgraded version. The cleansing brush works very similar to the previous one I have, I like the added modes but If you already have a Magnitone then it seems pointless to upgrade purely for the extra modes. The exfoliation brush works like a dream, I used it with my Superdrug facial scrub in my weekly facial routine, and I really felt like it left my skin feeling softer and cleaner. I like that I can see where I’ve exfoliated as well so I don’t miss any bits, so I’m very happy to have a new tool to add to exfoliation routine. The Full Monty is also waterproof so I took it in the shower with me and exfoliated my body with my favourite Body Shop scrub. Again this worked wonders and my skin felt super soft afterwards, I applied fake tan afterwards and have never seen it so streak free before! So have no doubt the exfoliation brush really get’s to everything. I already use my Scholl Pedi for exfoliating my feet, but after trying the heel attachment on my Magnitone I couldn’t fault it! It’s just as good and in fact, if I didn’t own a Scholl pedi this Magnitone would be the perfect all round tool.

I really do love The Full Monty but if you already have a cleansing brush, exfoliating brush or an electric pedi I feel you may not get the most use out of this. It is designed to be an all round fantastic tool and it really is, it’s just a shame I brought all the other tools before seeing this! What’s even better is that if you don’t see visible results in 30 days you can get your money back!

You can pick up a Blue Full Monty for only £78 reduced from £130 click here to visit the website. I would love to hear in the comments below if you’ve tried Magnitone before and your thoughts?

Emma xx
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