With my 24th birthday this week, I thought it was about time that I reflect and share with you all 24 important life lessons I’ve learned along the way…

Always Be Yourself

Through lying to myself for years about who I was and settling for what I thought I deserved, I learned that the only way I could be truly happy was by honoring how I feel and being true to myself and my values in life. I couldn’t continue on anymore being someone else to please others and it became exhausting over time. Now a year on I am 100% happy and finally living the life I’ve always wanted and being true to myself.

Do Everything With Love

I always say if everyone in this world acted with love instead of hate and negativity the world would be a much safer and happier place. Before I would have always said how I felt even if it hurt someone else, now I always think am I saying this with love and positivity? If I’m not, then I simply don’t say it and think about a much nicer way to relay the message it’s as simple as that. Whatever you put out into the Universe you get back, so if you act with kindness and love that’s exactly what you will get back multiplied.

Be Grateful

Before doing the law of attraction I always thought I was pretty grateful and appreciative of everything in my life. Well, how wrong was I! After writing ten reasons to be grateful everyday for over four months it soon dawned on me just how much I really did take for granted. I challenged myself to write ten non-materialistic reasons and really for the first time in my life, felt real gratitude for absolutely everything both big and small. Gratitude has simply transformed my life, it has allowed me to see so much more beauty in this world and to feel truly thankful for all the blessings in my life.

Pain Is Not the End

I’ve hit rock bottom and risen from the ashes, I’ve experienced a lot of emotional pain in the last few years and at the time I couldn’t see the end. I thought that pain was normal at one point and that I’d always feel this way, I was wrong. It got so much better and I learned to heal myself, others and become a stronger person. Pain fuelled the fire within me to succeed and create the life I had always wanted but was always too scared to ask for.

Real Strength

Through my journey over the last year, I’ve learned to overcome pain and betrayal from many aspects of my life, from facing these challenges and experiencing real pain I learned what real strength was. In my darkest days, I pulled myself back and focused on my businesses and the positive’s in my life. Now I have the strength of a lion and the knowledge that I can overcome anything, something I am extremely grateful for.

That The Universe Has My Back

When I was younger my life wasn’t perfect at all, yet somewhere deep down I always believed my life would just magically work out. I don’t know what was telling me this maybe my intuition, but no matter how bad things got I knew I would be okay and that the Universe had my back and boy did it! Always trust that everything is working out exactly how it should be.

That I Love Cake

I’ve always struggled to accept my body, but since discovering my self-love I no longer care that my stomach will never be flat or that my boobs get in the way because I love them. So my message to you is to stop listening to our society, stop letting the media tell you how you should look and bloody embrace your beauty both inside and out. Eat that piece of cake when you want to and realise that life is about feeling great not how many calories you’re eating.

To Always Help Others

I know my reason for being here on this earth is to help people, it started off with money-saving and helping people get out of debt. Now, not only do I continue to do that I also help people transform their lives through my life coaching sessions and through my YouTube videos. If only I’d known how much helping people would set my soul on fire from a younger age. Fulfillment for me is reading your incredible comments, about just how my videos have helped you. Sometimes it does feel overwhelming that my advice can reach so many people and have such a positive impact in this world.

A Positive Mind Equals A Positive Life

It’s simple when you think about it positive thoughts equal a positive life, forget the law of attraction it’s simple psychics. By always expecting the best, speaking positively of yourself and others you’re going to manifest amazing things into your life. This simple step along with gratitude can transform your life and mindset.


That Anything Is Possible

I used to be a doubter when it came to believing that anything was possible in this world, now after becoming spiritual and realising that I can achieve anything I want to, the world impossible simply means ‘I’m possible’ to me. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, shine bright and do it for yourself!

To Work Hard

To get great results you do need to put in the hard work and show up every single day. I’ve been dedicated to my business for over four years now and never get a day off. I still run things all by myself with the help of my incredible web guy and even now I’m sat in sunny Santorini working because it sets my soul on fire. I love helping people and seeing my work make a difference in the world.

  To Always Look To The Future

In the past, I was always criticised by my ex’s for always living in the future they said I should be living in the now. I always wanted everything straight away and would manifest it effortlessly because I was living as if, the most important part of the law of attraction. I say look to the future never look back to your past, it’s in the past leave it there and get excited for the awesome things coming your way.

To Dream

From a very young age everyone always used to say I had my head in the clouds, they used it as an insult but I was always happy to hear this. I have the word Dreamer tattooed on me and I’m proud to be described as that because essentially that is what I am a big old day dreamer and I’m not ashamed to say it.

To Raise My Standards

One of the massive lessons I’ve learned this year, let alone in my lifetime was to raise my standards. I learnt this from Tony Robbins and it all just made so much sense to me, why I had such awful luck with boys and money because I was settling for way less than I knew I deserved. Once I raised my standards and said no more to people, my entire life changed and the most amazing people came into my life who are my tribe.

To Do What Set’s My Soul On Fire

Always, every single day do something that sets your soul on fire, whether it’s dancing, reading, or simply baking a delicious cake whatever makes you happy do it! Are you in the right job? What could you change in your life to give you more soulful moments?

That Everything Happens For A Reason

This has to be my favourite quote and so true. No matter what happens everything is working in your favour. When things go wrong and when they work out, it’s all the Universe’s way of getting you to exactly where you need to be. Trust the process.

That Tattoos Are Permanent

Sadly I learned this the hard way, it’s not that I don’t love all of my twelve tattoos. They all tell my story and look beautiful, what I do regret is getting them so young. I did stupidly have two tattoo’s for my ex which are now covered by a beautiful feather to signify freedom and my spirituality. If I could go back I would think more about my tattoo choices and realise getting a tattoo about a boyfriend is never a sensible idea…EVER!

That Friends Come And Go

They say in life you can count your true friends on one hand and this is certainly true for me. When I went through my awakening the amount of friends I shed was simply painful, Selina my rock watched me go through so much pain and drama when these people exited my life and honestly looking back I don’t miss one of those people. They’re not for me and I’m not for them. Some people are meant to be in our lives for a moment, a year or even a lifetime let them do their job and release anyone who doesn’t add any value to your life.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Now as a money saver of course I’m going to say free things are amazing, but I’m talking about the things money can’t buy. Love, happiness and all the other amazing warm fuzzy feelings in life. Laughter for me is something I cherish as I always feel my best when laughing away at something my goddaughter Isabella’s done or at one of my Dad’s awful jokes. The fact I’m around these incredible people just makes me feel so grateful and supported.

To Always Trust Your Gut

The one piece of advice I give to everyone is to always trust their gut or intuition. It is never wrong and it certainly does take some practice to silence your ego and go within to find these answers. After a year of practicing this art, I am now able to go within and find the answers when making big decisions. It’s important to do this so that you always honour yourself and know you are making the right decisions.

Girl Power

Women are simply awesome and along my way, I’ve learned just how incredible we really can be. I wouldn’t call myself a feminist at all, but I love nothing more than rooting for an inspiring girlboss absolutely killing it in her industry! Sadly, we still live in a world where some women think it’s clever to belittle, ruin and disgrace other women in hopes of tearing them down with jealousy. If all of us women united and realised just how freakin’ awesome we really are, we could overcome and combat so many self-esteem and confidence issues together, and rule the world!

Loving Yourself Is The Best Medicine

When I was single for a year, the best lesson I took away was discovering the love for myself finally after many years. I dated myself and every day did something to make me feel happy. I lived for myself and dedicated a year to becoming the best version of myself. I really feel this was one of the best things I did to ensure I was completely myself and authentic for Mr C.

You Can Start A New Life At Anytime

Many are under the illusion that we can’t just pack up leave and start a fresh, but once again I’ve learned this a few times. After the failings of both relationships, I learned that everyday is a brand new opportunity to reinvent ourselves and you should take things day by day. I’ve changed and reinvented myself many times to be true to myself and to honour my life’s purpose.

Real Love Does Exist

I’ve struggled to find genuine love for many years, I’ve experienced so much fake love how would I be able to tell what was real? I’m not just talking about love from a man, but my friends, my family I found it absolutely everywhere. For the first time in my life, I’ve found real love which makes me feel supported, fulfilled and even found unconditional love towards a few of them. It is out there and you can find it, just believe and the rest will follow.

The 24 short years I’ve been here on this earth may not have been the smoothest, easiest or my happiest but throughout it all, I’ve overcome 100% of what’s been thrown at me and I’m proud of that. I’m alive, I’m happy and I’m surrounded by incredible people who make my life truly amazing, I’m grateful for all of my journey so far and can’t wait to share even more memories with you over the coming years. I want to say thank you to you all for coming along on this journey with me for the last four years and Happy 24th Birthday to me!

Emma xx
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