Finances seem to be a hot topic right now during lockdown as many face financial uncertainties, losing jobs or money if they own a business for example. So I thought now more than ever was the perfect time to share with you 5 great ways you can stay positively wealthy this month using the Law of Attraction and practices from my new book Positively Wealthy which is due to be released on the 9th June 2020!

Mindful Spending

My first tip is to mindfully spend during lockdown and also all year round this practice works great! This is also a great self-love practice. If you’re worried about money and are desperately trying to manifest it – mindlessly spending what you do have is only going to make the situation worse. There is a lot of BS out there in Law of Attraction books etc that say spending money creates more money. This is only true if it feels good to spend the money if you go and mindlessly spend money you shouldn’t really be on luxuries, is that going to make you feel happy or actually more anxious now that you have even less for the month ahead. You want to feel good when looking at your bank account not avoiding it more because of what you’ve purchased. This is all about your energy at the end of the day, so hold that item in the shop does it feel good to buy it? Will you get lots of use out of it and will it bring you joy? If the answer is no then put it back and wait, see how you feel about it in a week or so or when you next get paid. If it’s a yes and it feels good to buy it then you will naturally attract more money to you through these good feelings with every transaction. The same can be done with a service or online product ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself. This may seem like a really simple step but how many times have we all bought things which didn’t really bring us that much joy then later regretted it!

Abundance Log

A great tip for manifesting money into your life is to keep an abundance log, so over the next month each week write down all the money or abundance that you’ve manifested into your life. Remember money can come from any avenue not just your income – so did someone gift you money, did you find it on the floor out and about? Did you get a refund or bonus? Did you get a coupon or discount? All of these are money manifestations so each week write down everything that comes to you even other manifestations to keep a log on what you are manifesting so you can physically see the money coming to you and abundance of all forms.


Next up is a classic tip but a super important one when it comes to money – Queen it’s time to get grateful for every single penny you currently have. It’s so easy to think we have a lack of money or avoid looking at out total finances because we think it’s going to be bad and trigger us. Avoidance is the biggest cause of money blocks and feeling negative towards your finances. All of this is avoidance and not the vibes you want to be putting out to manifest more money. Get real with your finances and sit down with them, work out how much debt you have, how much your bills will be this month and how much you currently have in your bank account. You may even be pleasantly surprised! When we avoid our finances our ego loves to play the victim and convince you it’s all negative and there’s no hope. You’re better than that Queen once you have clarity and acceptance of the situation the Universe can get to work and you can start manifesting from a place of acceptance and gratitude instead of fear and lack. Like I said you could have been worrying over nothing!


“Remember when you feel good with your money and take grounded action like this, new money will manifest to you as your vibration raises and you feel more relaxed surrounding your finances.”


Revaluate Your Finances

This is a really practical step which I feel is still necessary in order to make sure you’re utilizing the money you do have currently and this ties into mindful spending also. Have a look at your monthly subscriptions and commitments (this excludes household bills, insurances, and finance payments). Are there any subscriptions or services that you can cancel – for example, I’ve had Sky TV for a few years and over the last four months due to work and Netflix stealing my attention I haven’t watched it at all. Meaning I was paying £18 a month for nothing! So look at these are the subscriptions bringing you joy? Are you using them and getting the most out of them? I even did this in business canceled subscriptions to tools and websites I thought I needed which once again I didn’t use or weren’t necessary. I actually surprised myself how much money I was now saving each month just from this simple practice. So use this lockdown as the perfect opportunity to look at your luxuries budget each month and what you could be saving on right now to help you financially. Remember when you feel good with your money and take grounded action like this, new money will manifest to you as your vibration raises and you feel more relaxed surrounding your finances.


My last tip is again one we often forget and that’s to look at your language surrounding money. Sometimes it can be impossible not to say something negative about your finances if you’re trying to explain to someone that you’re struggling or even to claim help during these uncertain times. Check-in with your money language here and think about ways you can speak more positively about money currently and you could even create affirmations to manifest more money into your life. Our words create our reality remember so don’t forget the power of affirmations during this time and catching yourself before you speak negatively about your current financial situation.

I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips on how you can stay positive positively wealthy during this time. My new book Positively Wealthy is available for pre-order worldwide now and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones, it’s also available from anywhere that sells books online or instore. Also as an extra bonus, when you pre-order my new book you can claim a FREE 90-minute wealth and abundance masterclass that you can watch at anytime. All information on how to pre-order and claim the masterclass can be found here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a safe and nurturing week whatever you’re up to in your homes and I’m sending you all lots of love xx


Emma xx
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