This week after the intense New Moon eclipse I wanted to share with you how to combat the January blues and also how we can move through this intense energy with ease over the coming weeks.

Let’s face it the January blues are a thing but honestly, I was feeling so high on life up until the New Moon eclipse on the 8th January. It was like a flick had switched and all of a sudden out of nowhere I was tired, unmotivated, irritated and well just feeling low. I didn’t want to do anything and all I wanted to do was rest. For the first few days, I suffered in silence thinking I just needed to let it clear and work through it. Then when I spoke out about this on my Facebook group and Instagram stories I realised I wasn’t alone. The January blues had kicked in for us all and with this intense moon energy it was really affecting us and made us all feel a little saner knowing we weren’t going mad. So I wanted to create a helpful post for those of you who can relate to let you know you’re not going mad and the best ways to allow this energy to pass through.


My first tip is to listen, to your intuition and to the world around you. My first go to is to check what’s happening with the moon cycles. I highly recommend following Danielle Paige on Instagram as her posts really helped to get my head around this moon energy and what it was trying to tell me. So whenever I feel in a funk I first of all, listen to what the Universe wants me to know and what it’s calling me to do. This intense eclipse energy is sending us all into crazy mode but the good news is it will start easing on the Full Moon eclipse in Leo on the 21st January. So check in with yourself, what is this time allowing you to do?


The next tip is to listen to your body, this energy is calling us to rest and slow down. My body and mind have really needed this time after a jam-packed 18 months. It allowed me to balance my feminine energy and really give myself the nurturing time I needed to go within and fill my own cup again. For me, as I’m heavily in my masculine energy with work I always used to see this time as unproductive and a waste of time but since allowing my body to rest and taking it slow I’ve been able to receive downloads of my next two potential books. When we quieten our minds and body we allow the space for new inspiration and ideas to hit. So instead of rushing to write the proposals, I knew I could store those ideas and when I feel called to work on them and see them grow.

“When we quieten our minds and body we allow the space for new inspiration and ideas to hit.”

Let Go

A lot of this energy is about letting go once again – of our expectations, what is no longer serving us and the need to be productive and achieving all of our goals in January. What many of us forget is that we have a whole twelve months to complete the goals we’ve set – there is no rush. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s important that once we put these intentions out into the Universe that we allow them time to grow and bloom at the right time. Stop comparing yourself to how far you think others have got already in January and realise this is your journey and it’s okay to rest. I talk about sustainability a lot and I’m a firm believer that what is not rushed and really nurtured will be far more sustainable in life than an idea rushed and forced out in the world. You’re always exactly where you’re meant to be – so trust that and allow yourself to let go.


What I’ve learnt through this allowing process is that it allows you to re-discover what you should be focusing on. It’s so easy for us to get irritated at this energy and feel like it a hindrance but what is it really showing us? It’s allowing us to go within and dig deep, it’s allowing us time to rest, fill our own cup so that we can powerfully push forward and manifest this year. As cyclic beings we can’t be switched on all the time, pushing forward and birthing things we need time to rest and re-discover what it is we want to focus on this year.

Let The Light In

Finally, remember when winter comes the sun always returns, the light always comes back in. So when we find ourselves in the dark low times, remember the light will always return and choose that. This isn’t a case of doing your spiritual practices and pretending everything is okay. It’s about intuitively listening and allowing whatever this energy is teaching you to pass through you. So remember that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes and that the light will and always returns. When we feel these collective strains it can be hard as we just can’t understand why we feel low, but with these tips, I hope you can find beauty in this time and growth.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you with how to deal with this energy over the coming week. Don’t forget my NEW book Spiritual Queen is now available worldwide you can find out more information here. As always please let me know your thoughts and tips in the comments below and I hope you all have a fantastic week whatever you are up to! Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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