Bare Minerals Review

Today was a great delivery day, got my gorgeous top in the Very sale arrive and my NEW Bare Minerals Starter Kit! This was a deal I posted a few nights ago now. Originally the kit is worth over £108 and was advertised at £49 along with 2 codes valid for that day it took it down to only £29.50 delivered! That’s a 72.7% saving already, so can Bare Minerals really convert me away from my precious Benefit Cosmetics routine and what’s all the hype about?

I have always been tempted to try Bare Minerals but being more expensive than Benefit I have always steered away, seeing the heavily discounted Starter Kit the other day made me think, I can try this now and for a great price! I normally use liquid foundation due to my spot prone skin I feel it gives me all round  coverage so am a little nervous to try powder’s once again, so let’s put them to the test!


Prime Time (15ml) £21.00 for 30ml

Upon application, it was really easy to apply and great to have a booklet as well to help me in applying. I didn’t have to use a lot which is also a bonus and has left my skin feeling soft and prepped ready for foundation! I would give this primer  another go I feel it has given me the same coverage as Benefit and is slightly cheaper!

Original SPF 15 Foundation  £25  x 2 different shades included

I didn’t actually apply any concealer before hand as I was slightly confused and thought it included one, sadly it doesn’t which is a pain yet they give you two Foundations a slightly different shade I guess for Summer/Winter. This was really easy to apply with the application brush and gave me all over cover which surprisingly covered most of my spots anyway!

Warmth All Over Face Cover £19.00

Next I applied this with the same application brush, I guess this is more of a bronzer and certainly gave me the colour I need! This also helped give me extra imperfection coverage.

Mineral Veil £20.00 

To finish off your application next is the mineral veil, a light coloured powder to seal it all in and give your complexion weightless transparency for a radiant, delicately ethereal softness. This was my favourite to apply as it just finished everything off made my skin look and feel amazing! In the end I still didn’t even have to apply concealer!

Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush £14.00

I didn’t end up using this one maybe I will next time, I’m guessing you apply the foundation to this and apply to cover before full application? (Please help experts!)

Full Flawless Application Face Brush £24.00 

This brush I used throughout and felt really soft, it also gave me a wide coverage with the powder and blended in really well.

Flawless Application Face Brush £19.00 

Again, I didn’t use this brush I guess this one would be good for the Mineral Veil and smaller more concentrated patches to cover.

After full application I am really impressed! I can certainly see what the hype is all about. I will be using my powder’s again and may even eventually fully convert! I can’t wait to apply it again tomorrow.

Sadly, the price has gone back up to £49 for this Starter Kit . But in total all the products total up to £156.50 if you were to buy them separately so a complete bargain for £29.50!



Emma xx
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