If your anything like me January can be a difficult month. Not only are we recovering from all the money we spent in December and food we ate. I always feel a bit lost in January, I get all hyped up and motivated at New Year and then boom two weeks later I feel deflated and not really sure what to do with myself. So this week I wanted to share with you how to beat the January blues.

The weather can certainly play a part in this, it’s been so cold and miserable recently which means I haven’t been outside as much or really gone and done anything exciting. It’s been great for my workload as I’ve been super productive and the house is spotless, but I haven’t really done anything for myself. One of my biggest goals for 2018 was to take more time for myself and not be so absorbed in my work. Due to sheer boredom, I have found myself working more than ever! So here are my tips on how to beat the January blues…

Discover A New Book

I love nothing more than getting lost in a good Spiritual book, so this month instead of browsing on my phone or opening up my computer when I’m bored I’m turning to my ever-growing pile of self-help books. Not only is this helping my Spiritual Book Club video’s on YouTube because I’m actually reading, it’s lifting my vibration up and I’m re-discovering myself and things I’d forgotten. Reading is food for the soul so why not work on yourself this January.

Go On Adventures

Although it’s bitterly cold outside I still think it’s really important to get outside and breathe in fresh air. I love going for long walks it always puts me in an incredible mind frame and I feel relaxed. It can be tricky to do this with unpredictable weather here in the UK, but when we do get those rare glorious sunshine days make use of them, don’t sit inside!

Do Some Excercise 

Again, being outside and doing exercise is great for both your mind and body. I love running and going to my local gym for dance classes. I must admit due to how cold it’s been and my schedule I didn’t go to the gym at all in December and now I’m paying for it! So my goal for this month is to go at least once a week as it will help me tone up again and I do love dancing. Excercise puts you in a great mindset so whatever it is you like doing, make sure you do it at least once a week.

Organise Social Gatherings

Again due to the weather and money, January can be a difficult time to see friends and organise outings. I’ve been going to the cinema a lot recently and really enjoyed this as I’ve got to spend time with my friends and see some great films. The cinema is really therapeutic for me because I’m forced to switch off and not look at my phone for a couple of hours. I’ve also been making sure I go to my friend’s houses to get out of my own house each week and to see them regularly so that once again I’m not absorbed in my work.

Focus On Your Mindset

Mindset is an important one in January. I don’t know why but January is just a bit of a downer month in general. Everyone writes it off and to me, it’s just a countdown to warmer weather! Staying in especially when you work from home, can affect your seriously mind frame. So this month I’ve been reading Kyle Gray’s Raise Your Vibration again and really focusing on how to maintain a high vibration and not get bored! January has been a quieter month for me which I’m extremely grateful for after a manic December, but I’m now learning what to do with this all this spare time and using it to help myself not take on more work.

So I hope this blog post has given you some great ideas on how to beat the January blues. Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope you all have a fantastic and positive January moving forward xx

Emma xx
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