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There is a new voucher website on the scene, Better Vouchers fantastic new website has been launched and is waiting with hundreds of discounts!

So you may be saying Emma, why recommend another voucher website when we use your website? Firstly, thank you! Although I do try to keep everything up to date, it is just me and I really struggle to post ALL the voucher codes in a easy format. I regularly use Voucher websites and it really should become second nature to you when purchasing online. The best way to do this is by typing in on Google ‘New look discount code’ or by simply heading to Better Vouchers website and typing in the retailer’s name. I have tried a few example retailer’s and it found all of them! The website is really easy to navigate around and gives you quick, simple results to get your code quick and easy.

Another feature I really like is the categories, you don’t see this too often on other voucher sites and again makes the process painless when searching for discounts.


From student discounts to welcome discounts Better Vouchers really have you covered for all aspects in your money-saving lifestyle, although they are still new they have done really well to create such a wide database of retailer’s and discounts, and most importantly keep it up to date!

One of the main points I like about Better Vouchers is they’re no-nonsense outlook on the voucher site community. They want to bring you real offers and discount codes not ‘FREE Click & Collect’ as you see on so many sites. This frustrates me, there is nothing more that I hate when I think I’ve found a discount code for the one item I have been longing for from the really expensive site, I really shouldn’t be looking on and it turns out to be a Click & Collect deal which actually leads you no where! There is no real purpose in this and it is to boost the sites Google ranking’s.

Better Vouchers also have a handy newsletter you can sign-up to, discounts get sent straight to your devices which saves you all the leg work. You can also get a FREE phone case at the moment when you sign-up. I really feel that we will be seeing a lot more of Better Vouchers in the future and I hope that they can save you money like my page and website does also 🙂

Have a look at they’re fab website and let me know what you think in the comments below.


Emma xx
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