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PrintwavesReviewI love getting people personalised gifts, I think it means so much more to someone when the thought has gone into the gift especially if they are a music lover or you share a love of a great song. Printwaves bring this all to life and for a very affordable price.

I first saw these on my friend’s Instagram and I loved the idea of having your favourite song framed for you to admire. It may be a strange gift or to some it may just look like a load of black lines, but to the music lover it speaks in volumes. Mitch was surprised I didn’t get an example song done as I am a tad obsessed with him! Although I love Example, I was reminded of a song which got me through a really bad time and reminded me of who I am and that’s Coldplay’s Paradise. It’s such an iconic song anyway and it also inspired one of my tattoos, so I couldn’t not get it! Some may find it hard to realise why looking at framed song would mean anything, for me anytime I look at it I instantly start playing the song in my head, singing all the words and realising why I love it so much. That may be a really simple view but it works for me!

Not only can you get your favourite song printed you can get your own voice clips printed. This would be so great for baby’s first words, a speech or any special moment you hold knowing that it’s locked in this frame forever.

I think the pricing is really good, my one would of cost £14 which I feel is a fair price to include the frame & delivery. You can get slightly cheaper one’s Black frame (£12), Silver frame (£13) & Dark wood frame (£13.50). This really does make your loved one’s present affordable and trust me it’s a great gift to give!

Overall, I am really impressed with the quality, quick delivery & affordability, they are certainly unique and a great addition to any music lover’s collection. Let me know what you think of these awesome designs in the comments below. You can view the full Printwaves shop here.

I’ve also managed to grab you a fab 10% OFF code! USE CODE: 10emma at the checkout 🙂


Emma xx
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