River Island Summer Sale Haul

f3928c66d49e3a4d7a4dc0b388b470e4It’s that time of year again when wherever you look there is a sale on, so how do you really spot a bargain? Do you find yourself buying things you will never wear or say ‘It will look good with that outfit I have but never wear, but it was really cheap!”. I myself have done this for far too long and this year I limited myself to one sale and that was River Island.

There is always a big hype around the River Island sale and I guess that’s because so many lovely items get reduced to more affordable prices. I used to go the the Next sale and New Look but I’ve found that it’s just rubbish shipped in specially to clear the range. I very rarely find the pieces I love before hand at full price get reduced. So I set my reminder for 8am the 9th July, and completely forgot the sale was live! I got on about 9am after doing some work on the Facebook page and found lots in stock still which was a blessing. I only lost one item this time round and it was a pair of nude plimsoles which I had my heart set on! It really frustrates me when you find items you love add them to your basket, spend half an hour looking at the rest of the sale to find everything is out of stock by the time you reach your basket. There must be a way they can fix this? So anyway to my haul, I’m really impressed with what I did get and needed all of it which is a real bonus, plus I saved myself even more money by only buying from one sale this year! Do you find similar rules help you save?


Rings £2 (RRP £7)

Everybody loves cheap accessories and I love these rings simple and affordable well worth the £2 price!


Yellow Trainer Socks £1 (RRP £3)

Again everyone needs some trainer socks especially when I’m wearing trainers in the summer. Love the design and a bargain at only £1.


It’s The Freakin’ Weekend T-Shirt £12 (RRP £24)

This has to be my favourite item from my haul, I was gutted when they didn’t have a size 10 but when I saw it was oversized I chanced a size 8 and it fits perfectly! Love the slogan as well, does it mean I can only wear it at weekends though?!


Paris Rose Gold T-Shirt £10 (RRP £18)

I am a sucker for plain white tee’s and really need some since going up a dress size, I love the colour and think it’s really smart/casual.

White Skinny Jeans With Ripped Knees £25 (RRP £42)

I have been looking for a pair of these for ages, and found the one’s I tried in Primark looked really cheap and cheerful. I love the fit on these as they are super skinny. They pull you in at all the right places!

Beige Cold Shoulder Strappy Top £12 (RRP £26)

This was a risk purchase, one which really paid off! I wasn’t sure whether the style would really suit me as I have quite broad shoulders but it really concealed them well! Highly recommend the cut if you are similar to me and have broad shoulders and arms.

RRP Total: £120

Paid: £62

That’s a saving of £58 and is a 48.3% saving, not too bad for a up to 50% off sale!

Be careful I received 2 lots of some products and got charged for it without realising, luckily they have free returns but watch your online basket before paying! You can view the River Island Summer Sale here. 

What bargains have you picked up in the sales? Let me know in the comments below 🙂



Emma xx
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