Zoella Beauty – Tutti Fruity Review

Zoella Beauty - Tutti Fruity Review

The clock struck midnight, it was Monday 6th July and there I was sat on my laptop ordering Zoella’s latest Tutti Fruity range from Superdrug. Yes, I was sad enough to stay up, purely for the unknown. With Zoella’s following you never know what to expect and I really didn’t want to wake up to everywhere being sold out!

Anything to do with Zoe Sugg now a days comes with a big hype from the Youtube superstar, from being a best-selling author to now breaking Superdrug’s records in sales for this range. It really does show you how influential social media can be. I brought Zoella’s range last time round and if I’m being honest I was really disappointed. I felt the packaging didn’t sell the product well and the fragrances of the products just weren’t powerful enough to make me want more!

I was really apprehensive on this one, ordering all these products without even smelling the range how mad am I!?! Looking at the products I really love the bright, vibrant colours used this time. It really draws you in to a summery, shabby chic look which we all know and love. Although aimed at a younger audience than myself, I still feel it holds a really pretty theme for adults and I don’t feel too old buying these either! So how did the products shape up? Let’s take a look…

Candy Cream Softening Body Lotion £5 

You really don’t need a lot to cover yourself which I think is a great trait for a body lotion. At first it feels very rough like a scrub, but the bursting beads soon kick in. The lotion is very cooling and perfect for the summer when you step out of a hot shower or have been sunning yourself all day. The smell is divine, a mix of what I would call fresh sheets and sorbet transports me to the feeling of a warmer climate and feeling fresh. Compared to other lotions it may seem a little pricey, but I use Soap & Glory currently and the prices are very similar. Personally, I prefer this lotion as smells nicer and is more cooling. Very impressed!

Foam Sweet Foam Cleansing Shower Gel £3.50

I much prefer this bottle design to the previous (soak opera), purely as it’s more travel friendly and it doesn’t clog up the shower space. I think this smells of a bubble bath Calpol! No idea why maybe it’s because of the colour but it still smells heavenly and really lathers up in the shower which is also great as you don’t need to use much!87d447056d25154e37e252355634c0c0

Let’s Spritz Fragranced Body Mist £8

Again, I really wasn’t a fan last time so it was a big risk buying a body mist without previously smelling it. I have found my summer fragrance! At a bargain price of £8 for 45ml, although not a perfume it does hold it scent well and it’s easy to chuck in your handbag for a top-up throughout the day. When first sprayed it smells very musky not sweet at all, but once settled you start to smell the floral and fruity tones come through. It’s not sickly or too sweet as you could imagine being aimed at young audience. I also love the design of the bottle and that the mist is pink!


Kissy Missy Lip Balm £3

A more expensive choice rather than your normal chapstick but mixed with a tint of pink, it can easily be transformed into a lip tint. It may look neon pink, but you can really build with this balm and suit it to your look. I found this really hydrating and a real treat. I probably wouldn’t use it everyday but with the right outfit it looks great!


Scrubbing Me Softly Smoothing Body Scrub £7

I must be honest I don’t use a scrub too often, this is probably the root problem of every time I fake tan I look like a cross between an oompa lumpa and a zebra! I’ve only tried this one once and I must say it has really transformed my skin. I love the subtle lemon scent to the scrub it keeps it really fresh. It is more of a solid scrub so you really need to work at it to get any out. The plus point is you don’t need loads to cover yourself so I can see it lasting me a while. At £7 I would say this is more expensive than I’m used to spending and for a scrub I will probably stick to the one I use now which is around £5 (Soap & Glory). A fab product none the less!

RRP Total: £26.50

Paid: £23.85 (10% off Student Discount, If you aren’t on this by now read my blog on how to get endless discounts!)

Let me know what you think of Zoella’s new range and if you have tried any in the comments below!


Emma xx
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  1. Becky Jones

    Like you, I was disapointed with Zoella’s first beauty range so wasnt going to consider getting products from her new range. After reading your post, however, I have completely changed my mind! Particularly for the sprey, I am now excited to go and try some of these products myself, great review!

    Becky | http://www.thebiglphotographyblog.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Lori Hill-Smith

    These look like really fun products! I’d like to try some of them!

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