Virgin Mojito Range by The Body Shop Review

Virgin Mojito Range Review!Oh my days! It has been a real long time since I found a whole range of products I desire to own and smother myself in, but thankfully I have been introduced to this fabulous new range and I won’t look back!

I normally only buy white musk things from The Body Shop as that has to be my favourite scent they do. The Body Shop is famous for the regular discounts and heavenly products. Literally my entire family received Body Shop gifts for Christmas! I very rarely buy bits for myself so when I smelt just how amazing the Virgin Mojito range was I had to invest. I started off by buying the shower gel (£4) & Sorbet (£8) I was gutted I couldn’t use my 40% off code but I did get a cheeky 10% with my love your body card. This wasn’t enough since winning a £25 gift card this was the perfect opportunity to complete my collection. I did try buy these online with the current 40% off code + FREE gift over £10 USE CODE: 19807, but sadly I couldn’t use my gift card so popped into my local store. They were very helpful and although I didn’t get my FREE gift, they did honour the 40% which technically you aren’t meant to use on these products! So in total the 4 products would of cost £40 but with the extra discounts I paid £27.60 which isn’t too shabby and I still have £10 left on my gift card.I didn’t buy the Body Splash in the end as at £16 I felt it a little expensive for something I probably wouldn’t use.

Now to the smell…the only way I can describe it is a lime paradise, the tropical smell transports you to dreams of lying in the caribbean sun, sipping a mojito and your skin feeling and looking fabulous! Okay I can dream about the caribbean but seriously it does make your skin smell and look flawless. The shower gel is perfect for morning showers, leaving you refreshed and ready for a day in the sunshine. I have had Body Butter’s before and would say the quality is exactly the same as other’s but I prefer the scent as it enhances the shower gel when I step out the shower. I have never tried the Body Sorbet or Body Scrub from there before but am pleasantly surprised how well the scrub is lasting and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. The Body Butter I use once a week for a heavy moisturiser for a everyday moisturiser I use the sorbet as this is really light and absorbs quickly, again I am really impressed with this one and it’s really cooling as well which always helps in hot weather.

So all in all I am very pleased with the new range and certainly will be stocking up! I would love to know your thoughts on the range and if you have tried it? Don’t forget to get 10% off with your love your body card and 40% off + FREE Gift on a £10 spend (the 40% won’t work but you get the gift) USE CODE: 19807 you can view the full range online here.

Emma xx
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