Braun Face Spa Review

The Braun Face Spa is the world’s first 3-1 mini epilator, facial cleansing brush and make-up applicator. This is my first time using an epilator, so I wanted to share with you how I got on and whether they are worth the money.

The new Braun Face Spa Quadpack has been designed to cater to women’s full skin care needs, providing all the tools they require to achieve flawless skin in one package. This set is new to the Braun range and includes 3x brushes, the original epilator and a handy bag to keep it all in. This set retails for £89.99 on the Boots website, but different variants are available for less.

I have always battled fluffy white facial hair, I think we all have! Epilator’s have been recommended to me for years, but I’ve always been too scared to try them in case the hair grows back darker. After doing my research I came across this Braun Face Spa and with shining reviews, I thought I would try my luck. I do already have a facial cleansing brush (Magnitone) so it’s a great addition if you don’t already have one at home. Sadly for me, I feel it will be wasted. You also get an extra sensitive cleansing attachment (pink), I felt this did more wonders on my skin and really got my make-up of easier than the original cleansing brush. It was a lot softer on my skin and I could see myself using this brush more often. The exfoliation attachment (blue) is great, I used it alongside my normal facial scrub and it worked really well, it wasn’t harsh on the skin at all. It also made it really easy to cover my entire face as sometimes I do miss patches and using this attachment, I could easily see if I had missed anywhere. I did try the make-up applicator which is the sponge, although it did help in applying my make-up, I didn’t feel it did much more than my Real Techniques sponge. It was also hard to get to small places like around my eyes and blend, so once again I don’t think I would use this attachment.

Braun Face Spa

Right now on to the scary part the Epilator…I think I hyped myself up so unnecessarily for this, I had heard from bloggers and friends how much this hurts and being a wimp I was very cautious. I tried it on my arm hair first to see what it was like, and I must admit it did hurt but I think this was because it was longer hair and probably thicker. Once I built up enough courage to try it on my face, it actually didn’t hurt that much at all. If I had to describe it, it’s a bit like when you have your eyebrows threaded. It removed a lot of hair, but did make my skin a little red and spots started to appear. This all calmed down by the end of the day, and didn’t happen the second time around so it must have just been my sensitive skin. It’s now two weeks on and I do feel the hair has got a lot thinner and hasn’t grown back as quick which is a result! It hasn’t grown back darker and with time, I’m confident it will reduce the appearance of fluffy hair and will build my confidence back up again.

I would definitely recommend trying the epilator you can buy it by itself for £49.99 reduced from £99.99 at Argos, but if you are looking for a facial cleansing attachment as well this set is for you! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried a facial epilator before and your thoughts?

Emma xx
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