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Shoes are for me probably just as important as my handbag collection. I seem to collect them frequently and love nothing more than styling them up with my favourite outfits. I normally tend to buy my shoes from New Look or Primark to keep costs down, but have I been missing a trick with Clarks all along?

Shoes are certainly a necessity for me but I never like spending too much money on them, as I always buy new ones as the new seasons come in. I’m used to spending around £6-£20 on shoes, and haven’t looked at Clarks shoes for years. I think this is because I’ve always associated Clarks with either children’s shoes or for middle aged people, I don’t know why and it seems silly but I just never imagined them to do stylish shoes suited to my age range. So when Clarks asked me to try their shoes I was worried about whether I would find a pair of shoes I loved and would wear. Luckily after some browsing on the Clarks website I realised just how much Clarks have changed over the years and how on trend the shoes really are. I fell for these dusty pink glove puppet shoes which retail for £45, a little more expensive then what I’m used to paying for shoes but they are pink!


These shoes really stood out to me as I wanted to inject some colour into my wardrobe, as it is really weird weather at the moment. I want to be in my Spring gear but I still find myself reaching for my winter warmers! When these beauties arrived, I really felt like I had indulged in expensive shoes. This is a feeling I certainly don’t get with my Primark shoes! They were beautifully packaged and felt instantly comfortable as I inspected them. I must say on first impressions I was really excited to pop them on and show everyone my new shoes! A feature I really love is the soft cushion pad in the heel, I do find my cheap shoes do rub on my feet and they start to ache after a long day on my feet.


I’ve now worn these shoes two days in a row and I’m officially in love! Not only have I had numerous compliments on the style and colour of them, my feet haven’t hurt one bit. No rubbing, no blisters, no aching I’m in shoe heaven. I really do highly recommend these shoes if you are after some trendy slip on shoes for the Summer. I’ve also found the holes in the shoes design really handy as it let’s your feet breathe. This will be incredible in the Summer, so no more sweaty feet 🙂 This experience with Clarks shoes has really changed my perspective on the brand and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for future bargains on the website. Clarks also have a outlet store so make sure to check that out as it is full of bargains.

USE CODE: ASAP to get FREE next day delivery! You can visit the Clarks website here.


Emma xx
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