My Personalised Bracelet with Orelia

There’s nothing more I love than personalising things, whether it’s treats for myself or buying gifts for other’s. I really enjoy adding a special touch and making it memorable. I’ve teamed up with Orelia London to bring you my very own ‘Emma’ bracelet and to show you their beautiful range of personalised jewellery.

I was really excited when Orelia asked me to create a bracelet for their website, not only do I love creating things but it’s such a fun process even for you at home to go through when ordering. It really is as easy as 1,2,3! First of all you get to pick your backing card, I went for white and black spots as I feel this describes me the best and it also matches a very nice summer dress I have. Then you move onto the chain, you have a choice between a necklace or a bracelet chain. I went for the gold bracelet chain as I don’t tend to wear silver jewellery anymore it’s all gold or rose gold so this fit’s in nicely. You then move on the final stage and certainly the most important, selecting your charms. I went for 5 charms which all represent my life very well, there is such a wide variety on the website. Your sure to find charms to suit everyone.

Orelia London

Orelia London

When my bracelet arrived I got really excited not only because it was my own creation, but because I couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh! It was everything I had hoped for and more, it’s been made to a fantastic quality and feels weighty when worn which is always a great feeling. The cost of my bracelet is £38 which I think is a really fair price for the quality and personalisation that goes into the process. I have a Pandora bracelet and heaven knows how much I’ve invested into that, I would much rather have a more affordable bracelet like this Orelia one and be able to afford to change the charms around and have a few more on there without feeling like I’m wearing my life savings!

Orelia London

You can purchase my ‘Emma’ bracelet here at the Orelia website, or create your very own! Don’t forget to Tweet, Snapchat or Instagram me at @couponqueenemma if your wearing the Emma bracelet or to show me your designs I would love to see them!

Orelia London

Emma xx
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