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What’s this I hear you say a candle subscription box…YES! My prayers have been answered with this Imperial Candles delight. Not only can you get candles sent to you monthly you also get a jewel worth up £2,000 hidden in one of the melts!

Candles are my one weakness, I love the smell and the look of them. The one thing I don’t like about most candles I buy is the chemicals inside them, I tend to excessively burn candles. So having them fill my house with chemicals is NOT good! One of the reasons why I love Imperial Candles is because they use 100% soy wax which is much healthier and aren’t harmful like other popular candles. I have purchased a few candles from Imperial Candles now and I love the concept of burning a candle to reveal a mystery jewel inside up to the value of £2,000!Melty Box

So when Imperial Candles asked me if I would like to review their new wax melts monthly subscription box, there was no hesitation in my answer being a yes please! I will be honest, I’ve never really seen the attraction to wax melts. I’ve always just brought candles and actually had to go out and buy a burner to test these wax melts out. You can use a traditional candle lit wax melt burner, but I wanted to be snazzy so got the new Air Wick electric wax melter at £6. I chose the electric version as it’s flameless and means I can leave it going if I need to leave the room, plus it’s much easier to maintain.

Melty Box

When my box arrived I was really excited to unbox to these wax delights, I had no idea what to expect inside. Upon opening it was beautifully wrapped, with a discount code ‘MELTY10’ to get 10% OFF any Imperial Candle, a lollipop and some instructions. You get 9 different wax melts each month, this month I got; Fuji Apple & White Peach, Pine Forest, Rhubarb & Custard, Love Spell, Papaya Slices, Coffee Hazelnut, Sweet Pea, Carnival Day & a mystery scent. I still can’t work out what the mystery scent is but it smells nice! My favourite scents out of this month’s selection is Carnival Day and Rhubarb & Custard. The pot with the jewel in is marked so it was the first one I popped on my burner! It took about half an hour for the wax to melt down enough for me to get the foil out. My ring was a beautiful blue one and is worth £45 which isn’t bad at all. It’s very sparkly and looks like it should be worth much more than £45, the subscription box itself costs £20 a month. In the ordering process they ask for your ring size, so don’t worry about receiving a random ring! I absolutely loved this month’s Melty Box but I wouldn’t buy it every month. You can get discounts on longer subscription packages, but I feel I would order this every 3 months or so as the wax melts have lasted me weeks. I’m still on the first pot! You can visit the Melty Box website here and have a look at the box for yourself. I’ve also managed to get you all a EXCLUSIVE discount code! USE CODE: 15couponqueenmb at the checkout to get 15% OFF your order!

Melty Box

Emma xx
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