Kiss Air Candles Review

It’s certainly no secret that I’m slightly candle obsessed I seem to pick them up constantly and end up using them as decoration! Because I buy these really pretty decorative candles I don’t really like to burn them, so when I do get a fragranced candle I want a really strong scent! Today I’m showing you my recent haul from Kiss Air Candles…

Kiss Air Candles

I personally hadn’t heard of Kiss Air Candles before they sent me these sweet candle delights, but they have certainly been cooking up a storm online! They have been featured heavily across the media, so I had great expectations for these candles. All large candles retail for £8.50, compared to a Yankee Candle these are certainly more affordable! Scent wise these are much stronger than most of the other candles I own, even without burning you get hit by a strong fragrance when you take a sniff. I went for Clean Cotton, Sun-Kissed Raspberry & Mint Choc Chip as these are the scents which caught my eye. Kiss Air Candles have such a wide variety of fragranced candles on their website, from ice cream flavours to cocktails you are sure to find a unusual scent to your liking. My favourite out of the three has to be Clean Cotton as I love how fresh it smells and it’s perfect for when Spring finally arrives. Once lit these candles smell even more intense. Within 5 minutes my whole living room smelt divine, which is actually a really good thing as it means I don’t have to burn it for long to enjoy the fragrance. Another thing with Yankee candles are if I burn them for long periods of time it really does start to effect your breathing which is not good! These candles are made from natural soy wax which is much safer and won’t give you breathing problems, unlike Yankee Candle they actually specify the ingredients on the tin.

I’m really pleased that I’ve been introduced to such a great value candle brand. I will certainly be trying out their candle of the month as it’s 25% off currently and chocolate orange does sound divine! You can visit the Kiss Air Candles website here and let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried these candles before and what scents you recommend!

Kiss Air Candles

Emma xx
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