Coconut Lane Haul

It’s not secret I have a slight obsession with marble and monochrome. So when I came across Coconut Lane’s website I had hit the jackpot!

They have a wide selection of home and accessories all injected with the latest trends. I absolutely love their LUXE range but that will have to wait until another pay day! The wall art in particular grabbed my attention, I instantly added the ‘I’m a blogger. What’s your superpower?’ print to my basket. It’s quirky and will look fab on my office wall. At only £6 (£4.80 with discount code), these really don’t break the bank and will fill those empty wall spaces you’ve been meaning to fill.


Next on my list was this marble iPhone 6 case, I mean why wouldn’t I want my phone to match my home decor! I certainly could loose it now 😀 At £13 (£10.40 with discount code), I did think this was a little expensive for a phone case. When it arrived though, I was so glad I did order it as it feels amazing! Not only does it look good, but it does feel smooth and shiny. Which actually makes my phone nice to hold and doesn’t slip out. Highly recommend these cases even just for the feel of them!

Coconut Lane

Next was a marble and gold bracelet, because let’s face it your bracelets need to match your phone case. Only kidding, but I did really like the simplistic design and it sits really nicely with my watch. At £13.50 (£10.80 with discount code) this seemed a little pricey compared to jewellery you would buy in hight street stores. Once again, when it arrived I loved it, the quality and the metal look and feel great.

 Coconut Lane

Last item of my haul was a very optimistic purchase. Having had snow in Dorset yesterday, it looks like I won’t be pulling out these sunnies out anytime soon! I did originally see this style in Primark but they have constantly been sold out, and all hope had been lost. At £15.50 (£12.40 with discount code), these are a bit more expensive than what I would of paid in Primark. I did buy a similar pair from Primark, and I must say comparing these two sunnies. These from Coconut Lane feel much more sturdy and that they will last. The Primark one’s felt like they would break really easily, so I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality that will last.

Coconut Lane

Make sure to USE CODE: COUPONQUEEN to get a whopping 20% OFF every time! You can visit the Coconut Lane website here.

Emma xx
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