Jewel Candle & Jewel Bath Review

So here I am once again reviewing a candle (my idea of heaven). When I came across Jewel Candle I thought it would be very similar to the candle’s I’ve reviewed before but I was pleasantly surprised to find numerous other products which grabbed my attention.

If you didn’t know by now that I could open up my own candle shop in my flat, I don’t know where you’ve been! I like to collect candles not only for decoration purposes, but to burn and fragrance my flat nicely. I’ve reviewed many candles in my time, but I had honestly never come across Jewel Candle before. I was pleasantly surprised to find they sold not only candles but also, massage candles, cupcakes, bath salts, bath bombs, earring candles, ring candles, pendant candles and limited edition Swarovski! With a great selection to choose from I was really spoilt for choice.

After much deliberation I decided to go for a earring bath bomb, as I had never tried one of these before and wanted something different to rings like I’ve had in the past. Also a Candy Floss ring candle. They arrived really quick and I wasn’t disappointed upon opening my parcel.

Jewel Candle

The Candy Floss ring candle smells divine and not sickly at all, it leaves my front room smelling of a sweet shop. I didn’t think I would like such a sweet fragrance but they have made it subtle enough to really enjoy. It took me over a week to get down to the jewel, but it was certainly worth the wait. On the Jewel Candle website they claim the jewel’s are worth up to £250, they also don’t put the price of the ring on the label like other company’s do. I would personally love to know how much my jewellery is worth, as it adds to the excitement of unwrapping and discovering what you got.

Next it was time for the bath bomb, I went for Golden bath. It was very sparkly and although it didn’t have a powerful scent like a LUSH bath bomb, it did smell exactly like a Summer’s eve. It smelt lovely in the bath and I enjoyed my soak and getting some lovely earrings as well! They wrap all the jewellery in tin foil so don’t worry about it getting dirty in either a bath bomb or a candle.

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Jewel Candle

Emma xx
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