Finding downtime can be tough at the best of times, recently as I’ve seen my workload and commitments increase anytime I can take to myself is extremely important and making sure I’m giving myself some proper TLC.

When I do get a day to myself I normally like to do half an hour’s yoga session, to help me feel more grounded within myself and super zen.


I also light my favourite candles to make my living room feel cosy, light some cleansing incense and either read a book or watch some TV. On these rare days to myself, I also like to pamper my body, by doing my weekly skincare routine and by using some great products to really treat myself. A few weeks ago I received a lovely surprise parcel in the post from Feather & Down a new company that has just launched exclusively at Boots. Feather & Down encourages relaxation and a state of wellbeing to help aid sleep. I am normally one to fall straight asleep, but once I’ve had a pampering day I do find it hard to just switch off at night so I was really intrigued to try these new products and see if they actually work. In the range, you have everything from bath products, pillow sprays and even my favourite candles! These are all at really affordable prices and if they can help aid sleep then it’s worth the money in my opinion.


Melting Shower Cream £6

Not only is the packaging so dreamy, this shower cream is a delight to use. I’m not the biggest fan of lavender fragrances so I did think I would write this off instantly. I did try it out and it really wasn’t overpowering at all which was a great surprise. Mixed with chamomile essential oils I feel this is the perfect fragrance balance to the common lavender scents you get in most sleep aid products. I always have showers in the evening anyway so by using this in the evening, it helped me to switch off and left my skin smelling and feeling amazing.

All Purpose Sleep Balm £7

I was most excited to try this balm out because I work and look at screens all day every day I tend to get a lot of headaches before I go to sleep. I massaged this balm into my temples and instantly felt like I had just done some great meditation. It helped relieve me of my headache and enabled me to properly switch off which really did help me fall asleep a lot quicker.


Pillow Spray £7

This pillow spray has to be my favourite product out of the range, not only does it leave my pillows smelling divine, it’s really comforting to snuggle up to my pillow at night time now. It instantly calms me and puts me in the best mood all ready to get my beauty sleep. I’ve also found that by spraying this it helps me have a lie in also, my body clock normally gets me up at 6 am every day and some days you just want to that extra bit of sleep, I’m glad that I feel so relaxed I’m able to have a few extra hours sleep on the weekends.

Soothing Body Oil £8

It was certainly a new experience to spray on a body oil, but none the less it absorbed into my skin really quickly and left it feeling and smelling amazing. I actually wish I could use it every day as a normal moisturiser without it sending me to sleep! I enjoyed applying this before I got into bed as it helped soothe my skin and didn’t feel greasy which is also a bonus.

You can visit the Boots website here and view the full Feather & Down range. A big thank you to Feather & Down for surprising me with this lovely selection of products to try. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Emma xx
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