My First Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet*

SHOP (5)Today, I am bringing to you my excitement for my very first Thomas Sabo bracelet! I am certainly not shy of the brand but have always dodged the charm club for some unknown reason!

Thomas Sabo has always been a ‘luxury’ brand for me, I have seen the Charm Club before but have never been tempted sadly. My first purchases of Thomas Sabo were, firstly when Mitch brought me a gorgeous rose gold infinity ring and I brought the matching rose gold ring to sit with it (stacking rings). I remember they were around£100 which let’s face it in today’s brand culture isn’t high end. The price definitely attracts me with Thomas Sabo. The customer care and warranty is also an appealing factor. When The Jewel Hut asked me to review one of these famous Charm Club Bracelet’s I was really skeptical. Not because I didn’t want to, but I have been committed to the Pandora brand for so long I thought I would be really biast and not portray Thomas Sabo in the good light it so deserves.

homasI went into my local store to try a few on and get a feel for the brand. The colours didn’t grab me to start off, I felt they could have included more bolder and more a variety of colour. I felt Black or the Pearl Bracelet’s were the only one’s I would choose. Next was the hardest part, looking at all the charms. On the Bracelet you can fit up to 3 charms. I like how it will make the bracelet more subtle, but also like how I can a variety and mix and match on Pandora. The prices are very similar to Pandora, ranging from £20+ per charm (all Sterling Silver).

One problem I have with my Pandora is sometimes with all the charms on it can become bulky and this often puts me off wearing it daily. I feel with this Thomas Sabo Bracelet it is very light weight, comfortable and the charms don’t move about. I chose to purchase a charm myself, as I thought I can’t show you a bare bracelet! I ended up getting the Letter ‘E’ (RRP £39.95) Ouch… but I only need to look at my Pandora to realise I spend that and more on some charms! The Black Obsidian Bracelet retails for £29.95 which I feel is a really fair price. Cheaper than what my Pandora cost and I will get much more use out of it as I feel comfortable wearing it daily. It feels really sturdy and I feel safe knowing I have FREE Warranty as well if it is to break or get damaged.

IMG_1838All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised. From being a religious Pandora fan I feel I have now had my eyes opened to the benefits of Thomas Sabo. Also, now I have a lovely everyday bracelet which isn’t as bulky or moves around like my Pandora. You can also purchase the bracelet’s in different sizes which is always handy if you find generic sizes are too big/too small.

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Emma xx
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  1. Stuart Spindlow

    Yeah, Thomas Sabo is a luxury brand for me too and I love it’s all jewellery.

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