Great British Sweets Review*

How old do you feel when you look at some of these sweets? Okay… So I haven’t ordered that many retro sweets of Great British Sweets but they certainly have your childhood favourites on they’re website.

We all know and love Approved Food and now we have even more reasons to love them! They have recently launched a brand new extension to the brand ‘Great British Sweets‘, designed to deliver bargain value sweets in quantity. Not everything is case price, but I certainly had some great surprises in mine! These are great for weddings, kids parties e.t.c. The best bit? I bet all of you are reading this saying okay so what’s the Best Before Date? Well… most are 3-10 months time 🙂


When my good old friends at Approved Food asked me to review they’re new website I was really excited. I’m not a massive sweet person but I certainly remember how much I loved them as a child! So with pages and pages full of delicious sweets I found it very hard to decide on anything. In the end I went for a good old tube of Love Hearts (108g) £0.99, you would probably be able to get these in a B&M store or Poundland so this was more cravings than a bargain. Mitch chose Toxic Waste £0.99 again this is the standard price in most retailers. Mitch also chose IMG_1560a Sherbert Fountain which was £0.49 this is marginally cheaper than my local sweet shop. The real bargains came in the form of 60x Love Hearts Lipsticks £7.99 seeing as I these are 40p normally individually they would of cost £24! I got my Dad his vintage Giant Banana’s as he’s a big fan costing £1.98 (220g) for two bags is a bargain as a shop near us sells these £2 each! Finally I ordered a box of 100x Haribo Mini packs for £8.99 although these only cost 10p in shops totalling £10 these are still good for parties e.t.c

My favourite part of my order was the Great British Sweets Lucky Box! Like the Approved Food Lucky Box you never know what you will end up with. It only costs £2 which is a bargain and look how much stuff I got! After checking all the labels they don’t go out of date until 3 months time so another benefit.


I loved my order, something different you just wouldn’t get on the high street normally. Some of the tubs are a real bargain so for special occasions you can really save some money or maybe an investment for your shop?

If you would like FREE Delivery (worth £4.99) you can use my EXCLUSIVE CODE: EXCOUPUK499 for a limited time only! Let me know if you order and your thoughts below, I would love to know!

Click here to visit Great British Sweets 


Emma xx
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