My First Bomb Cosmetics Haul!

So we all know how much I love LUSH cosmetics, so can another brand transform my bath times?

With the January Sales in full swing, I stumbled across Bomb Cosmetics! I have seen their candles many a times before but have never purchased one surprisingly! Apart from that I didn’t realise they did bath bombs e.t.c or they were so close to me in Bournemouth! So i popped along to they’re website to see what bargain goodies I could get.


In Total I got 5 items, in my box came a FREE air freshener, my grand total was £12.55 if I had brought these full price it would of cost £23.20! Upon opening my bright pink box a wave of aroma came from the box! It was amazing how strong and nice the smell was! I love the multicoloured foam inside and everything was carefully packaged.

1. Chilly Willy Candle £4 (RRP £7.99)

I love how this candle looks with added sparkle. I don’t think I will ever burn it it’s way too pretty! It has a very warm spice smell but this is very subtle mixed with a sweet wintery scent.

2. Ginger Bath Blaster £1.15 (RRP £2.29)

This sparkly fella clearly catches your eye he has a very sorbet smell which is very sweet not your normal festive fizzer!

3. Chilly Millie Bath Blaster £1.15 (RRP £2.29)

Our pink snowman certainly reminds you of seasons to come with his peachy scent! I love the carrot nose.

4. Oh Xmas Tree! Blaster £1.15 (RRP £2.29 Sold Out)

This tree fizzer again has a very sweet smell but it’t not going to leave you with the Christmas Blues!

5. Its Xmas! Blaster £1.15 (RRP £2.29 Sold Out)

The first Christmasy scent out of my Bath Blasters this blaster complete with stars and a xmas pud will certainly warm you up this Winter!


So Bomb Cosmetics I loved my first order with you and certainly will be ordering again! If you are reading this I would love to come to your factory film a Vlog and do a tour 🙂

Let me know you’re thoughts on Bomb Cosmetics in the comments below!


Emma xx
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  1. Holly

    How long did it take for your order to come, I placed my order on the 3rd Jan and am still waiting

    1. Emma

      I ordered 31st December, so I think they are delayed with Sales e.t.c

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