I‘m hoping by now you will have heard me mention so many times across my work how incredible the moon cycles are and how they can affect us, especially with manifesting.

We all can admit when a powerful new moon and full moon’s happen we can feel affected. Whether that’s energetically, emotionally or strange things in general happen. Roughly 60% of our bodies are made up of water, so if the moon cycles can affect the tides and oceans. Then they can sure as hell effect us as lightworkers. A new moon and full moon happen traditionally once a month but depending on how many weeks we have in a month we can sometimes have two which is called a Blue Moon. You can easily find the dates of the next new moon and full moon online so that you can do your rituals.

You can follow my new moon ritual here and my full moon ritual here. These two rituals can be really powerful when manifesting. Traditionally the new moon is the manifesting moon, on this evening you should focus on what you’d like to manifest, note this down and set your goals for the month ahead. It’s also a great time to practise gratitude for the things you’d like to bring into your life and what you currently have. The full moon is slightly different you should focus your list on the things or emotions you’d like to let go of and release. Anything that no longer serves you as the full moon is all about completion and finalising. Once you’ve written your full moon list you can also write a list of gratitude once again to show appreciation for what you do have and what brings you joy. Finally, you can burn or destroy this list as a release to the Universe.

The reason why following new moon and full moon rituals are so important when it comes to our spiritual journey is because the moon has so much effect on our lives and bodies. I have been following these rituals every month for two years now and always feel the new moons has helped me to manifest my desire’s and the full moon is such a great release of anything I want to let go of. These are great tools to add to your spiritual toolkit and not much hard work either! I always feel so uplifted and aligned when I do these practices so not only are they great for manifesting you can also feel more connected within yourself.

This leads me on to why I created the ‘Moon Journal’ – after you guys loved my gratitude and manifestation journals so much I knew I wanted to add another journal to my merchandise range. I knew a moon journal would be really beneficial to guide and encourage you to follow these rituals each month. My 100-page moon journal is full of tips and tools to complete a new moon and full moon practise each month, and with a gorgeous design what is not to love about this notebook! I’ve also made the paper matte this time meaning it is safer and easier to rip out and burn the pages. So if you’d like to add my moon journal to your collection then you can purchase them here for £8.99.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to try the new moon and full moon rituals I’ve mentioned above. They are so worth doing and will help to make sense of any weird feelings you’ve had around these events each month. I hope you all have a fantastic week and sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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