This week I wanted to talk about how to exceed your own expectations in manifesting and within your career. We are taught to believe in ourselves and our manifestations so how do we create space for the Universe to go above and beyond for us naturally?

For the last few years across my spiritual journey, I’ve set myself some big achievements, goals and milestones in life. Some happened, some didn’t and some happened but I was left feeling like ‘Oh that’s not the response I quite visualised or imagined’. Now I’m a firm believer of your always exactly where your meant to be and what will be will always be – but I did find myself thinking okay as a Virgo who loves to control things how could I look at this differently and exceed my own expectations instead of feeling disappointed?

This test was done completely naturally and something I stumbled upon when I was experimenting with manifesting in my divine feminine energy instead of my usual masculine. Remember manifesting is a very masculine act, we set goals, we take action and we almost force it to happen sometimes – so I wanted to switch things up and see what would happen if I allowed myself to go into my feminine more and manifest that way using my ability to flow, allow and use the moon cycles. In this process, I learnt that when I didn’t hold myself to numbers, figures, statistics and just set the goal of it being a success the Universe met me halfway and surprised me greatly! So below are my top tips for manifesting in your feminine energy and how to exceed your own expectations…

Drop The Expectations

I myself will admit I hold myself accountable and the Universe to what I expect to happen or would like to happen. I hold onto these expectations so tightly as it’s another way to ‘control’ the manifestation when I should be letting go and trusting. So check in with yourself here what are you holding onto too tightly? A great example of this was with my book being published I had absolutely no idea what to expect sales-wise as I’d never launched a book before. So for me, I had no expectation of this all I knew was from a friend in the industry that if you get more than 200 pre-orders then that’s a great success. So I held that figure in my mind but again just opened myself up to all possibilities and understood that my book would always reach the people’s it’s meant to and to drop the ego side of numbers. I turned my expectations of my book in appreciation that I’d birthed the book, it had got published and it was out there. I was grateful for all the people who had believed in my book and helped it come to life. I was grateful for all of you guys who did pre-order and let me know. It was actually about 3 weeks after my book’s launch date that I found out an accurate figure in the reporting and for the first time in my life I was gobsmacked – all the problems we’d had with Amazon and bookstores sending out orders was because they couldn’t keep up with the demand! By letting go, being grateful and surrendering knowing that my book would always help the right people the Universe surprised me and I had finally exceeded my own expectation.

‘Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly’ – Tony Robbins

Open Up To All Possibilities

My next tip is to open yourself up to all possibilities another great example of this was with my Spiritual Queen Summit. This was my first ticketed spiritual event I was hosting and although I love the planning process I was nervous about whether anyone would want to come after all my hard work and money invested! I knew it was my first event and to sell out your first event can be hard even if you have a great following. I said to my friends well we’ve planned for 50 people even if 20 people came I’d be grateful to meet them, do my workshops and have a great day with like-minded people. Tickets started selling and I was really happy that so many of you wanted to come, Christmas came and sales dropped as to be expected. In January we still had about 30 tickets left and I thought ‘Okay I’ve hit my 20 people expectation so if any more come then what a bonus!’ I let go and became deeply grateful for those 20 people who wanted to come to my summit. I opened up to all possibilities and knew the Universe knew what it was doing, I had shown up and made it happen so that was my success in itself. What then happened as I let go was the tickets started flying and to my shock, we sold out 3 weeks before the event. Again for the second time in my career I had exceeded my own expectations. It’s not that I didn’t believe in myself or my work I did – instead of holding myself to numbers or figures I turned those numbers into the people they actually are. I got grateful for those 20 people and that my work had made such an impact in their life that they wanted to attend.

Turn Numbers Into People

My final tip which I think is really important in terms of your career and business. Is to turn your expectations of numbers, followers or money into the people they really are. This has been key for me with my following when I stopped striving for more and more and only looking at numbers. I actually realised that those 86,000 Instagram followers were 86,000 real-life people who had chosen to follow me because my feed made that much of an impact on them. I knew I had achieved so much already but like many, I fell into the continuous goal checklist instead of stopping and reflecting. Something I did which really helped me to shift this mindset was to Google what my following looked like. I searched for what 80,000 people would look like and realised I could fill a stadium! A whole stadium of people believed in my work – so I encourage you no matter what stage your at to find an image of how many followers you have and really sit with that. Look into their eyes and how you’ve impacted their life enough that they decided to hit ‘follow’. Remember stop looking at the lack or what you feel you should ‘expect’ and turn this all into appreciation of what you DO have.

Working with your feminine energy to manifest means that instead of expecting or holding the Universe to your ransom. You trust, you flow, you allow and you just surrender because you know you are held by the divine. Sometimes when we open ourselves up to all possibilities we allow the Universe to deliver something beyond our wildest dreams. So stop holding onto your expectations so tightly and allow the Universe to blow your mind with an even better way of it happening. There is nothing wrong with wanting followers, book sales or ticket sales but it’s about checking in with yourself of why you’re wanting that and knowing that no matter what you can be grateful for the present moment and all the incredible people who already support your work.

I hope this blog post has helped you on how you can now go and exceed all your expectations! As always let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can also buy my new book Spiritual Queen worldwide now. I hope you have a great week whatever you’re up to and sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Jenee

    I absolutely love this post Emma. It is so helpful to me. I constantly find myself looking at the numbers. Or the money side of things and I know that it’s blocking the flow coming to me. This article has really helped me look at things another way so thank you xxx

    1. Emma

      Yay I’m so glad lovely thanks for reading xx

  2. Z

    It’s amazing, Emma, how easily you explain and put into other perspective those pretty damn serious things 🙂 thanks for everything you do! ??

    1. Emma

      Thanks lovely ❤️❤️

  3. Tim

    Thank you Emma I needed this again! I’m grateful for your kindness!

    1. Emma

      Thanks for reading ❤️

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