With April upon us now we are in the month of renewal, resurrection and regeneration. Most importantly the month of mini eggs! This is the month the flowers struggle all winter to see the light comes to end as new plants bloom and come back to life. This can be said for ourselves also as cyclic beings – we all had such excitement for the beginning of 2019 and I myself felt lots of positive vibes but instead, we’ve all collectively had three months of heavy, strong and ongoing energy. This will have come in hits and we will have experienced ease too, but the good news is even amongst the craziness we still may feel and see around us we are in control of how we feel. The theme of this month in astrology and I feel personally is letting go and letting god, so I wanted to share with you this week how to let go and surrender to the uncertainty. Even if you’re feeling great right now and life feels calm, you can apply these tips and methods when you feel uncertain and have to trust this uncertainty.

We’ve all been there when we think ‘I have no idea what’s going on, what I should do or what is the solution right now’. First of all breathe into this space, it’s okay to want to retreat and go within to find these answers that’s exactly what you should do. Allow the storm to calm, breathe and allow yourself time to calm down and be able to think what your next move is. So often the Universe will give us these uncertain times, not as a test or to be cruel, but to give us the opportunity to let God do the work also. I’m using the term God as the phrase I’ve always followed is letting go and letting God but replace it with whatever you resonate with. Sometimes when we manically manifest think we have to do ALL the work and I will put my hands up and say I’ve been there too. We feel we always have to be doing something because results are not showing up, things aren’t shifting so there must be something wrong with us? No, there really isn’t remember this is a 50/50 street. The Universe wants to support you, it wants to help you and it wants you to get your manifestation.


I always love Gabby Bernstein’s analogy of taking your hands off the steering wheel of life. Are you manically driving your car of life right now searching for answers, solutions and what direction you should even be driving in? Why don’t you pull over, stop the car, take your hands off the wheel and breathe. Call in your spiritual team for help – your angels, guides and the Universe. Allow yourself to get out this car of life your controlling, walk down the beach and watch the sea. Look at how the water is always flowing and the answer your searching for right now is – do nothing. This is a visual I like to do when everything around me feels uncertain and scary. I just stop, I don’t do anything and flow just like water I surrender to the Universe and allow myself to be held and supported.

Sometimes we’re not meant to know the answers straight away, sometimes not at all. You’re being called to trust in yourself and in God’s plan. Do you trust it? Do you trust that the Universe has your back right now? A great way to surrender is to do a letting go meditation – I myself have one as part of my meditation range (in my shop) or there are numerous ones online you can listen to. Visualising our Angels and handing these concerns over to the Universe is so important so that we can invite the support and intuition in. Archangel Sandalphon is a great Archangel to call upon as he is the messenger who delivers our prayers to the Universe. So call upon him and see yourself handing over your concerns and worries, you could also ask for support, help or even pray for a solution of the highest good to come to you. Hand this over once again and see him fly off with your concerns.

This is always my first point of call, my second point of call is to journal. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What’s my plan B? When we address our worst case scenario’s we can talk down our fear, talk down our ego and be rest assured that we can be okay with both options. One key step in letting go and surrendering is to be okay with both options – your manifestation happening, or it not happening at all. This may seem backwards I thought so too, but once I had found peace with both options my manifestations would appear! Allow these feelings to flow through you don’t fight them, the more we allow and understand why they are coming up you can heal and they will pass through you.

At the end of the day not letting go and surrendering to God’s plan is control. When we’re fearful, confused or uncertain on what is happening around us it’s easy to grasp for that control, to put our hands back on the steering wheel to try and find some path or answer. Sometimes the answer is to do nothing, fully surrender, hand over our concerns and say ‘Fuck It’. It may seem simple but I fell in love with this method after watching Grace & Frankie on Netflix (a great show if you haven’t watched it). When life would get too tough, or they had no idea what to do amongst the craziness they said ‘Fuck It’ and did nothing or did the very thing that scared them. So if there is anything we can take from these retired ladies with a vibrator business (I told you it was a great show) is to say ‘Fuck It’ more. Face the fear head on, address your plan B, hand over your concerns and allow yourself to flow right now – there is no rush. You are always exactly where you’re meant to be and one day this will all make sense – but for now, your being asked to trust and let the Universe meet you half way you don’t have to do all the work. When we surrender, stop and truly do nothing we open up the space for miracles, solutions and abundance of the highest good.

So this month over anything external make this month of renewal, resurrection and regeneration of your faith in the Universe. Trust God’s plan and allow yourself to be held – you are in control of your feelings and how you react to what life brings your way. I hope this blog post has helped anyone who has been feeling a bit lost or confused at the moment with this energy. April will be a softer month and allow yourself the time to go within and truly surrender. As always please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and you can buy my book Spiritual Queen worldwide now! I hope you all have a great week and I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Laura

    Thank you for this message. I’m fully embracing it and its wisdom. I was on the controlling mindset a couple of weeks ago and it only brought stress, anxiety and fear. Once I jumped on the trust the Universe wagon, everything shifted for the good. Its not always easy to just surrender, trust and let God do its thing but its always better.

    1. Emma

      Absolutely! So glad this blog post helped you x

  2. Perrie

    I loved this blog post! It’s one of the best explanations on how to surrender I’ve read. Truly helpful xx

    1. Emma

      Yay thanks lovely glad you enjoyed it ❤️

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