I often get asked ‘How do you live your best life?’, it made me reflect on my own journey over the last two years and it dawned upon me that I really am living my best life that I dreamed of all those years ago. I really am living proof that you can create your best life in under twelve months, even now when faced with struggles and challenges I simply see myself still living a kick-ass life and these tests are sent to expand and encourage me to grow even more.

The first secret to living your best life is to choose that life. We can all sit and procrastinate for days but actively and consciously choosing that life sends a big YASSS to the Universe and it can set the wheels in motion. You then need to get crystal clear about what your best life looks like, who would be in it? Where would you live? What job would you be doing? I often find vision boards are great for mapping out your best life and can help you to establish what the best life looks like.

Once you’ve established what that best life looks like, it’s time to take inspired action. Every single day you should be turning up to your best life, our life is one big party so freakin’ show up! This could mean doing daily spiritual practices to help you expand, heal and align. This could mean actively taking steps towards achieving your best life by applying for jobs, looking for a new house or start dating again. There is always something you can do in every situation as hopeless as it may seem to the human mind. Take ownership of your best life, say loud and clear to the Universe THIS IS MY LIFE AND IT’S AWESOME!

Sometimes living your best life isn’t about manifesting bigger houses, a dream man or the dream career. It can sometimes be as simple as recognising that you have it great already. To me living my best life means being free, financially free, running a business on my terms, doing what I love and being surrounded by the people I love. That’s how I’ve created my best life, by always showing up for myself and the Universe, putting myself and my happiness first and most importantly saying YASSS to myself. Keeping myself small was suffocating my soul, but by embracing the uncertainty, the chaos and the tests the Universe brought bigger miracles into my life – my happiness and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Don’t let your ego step in and depict your best life, your here in this body once LIVE YOUR LIFE! Our souls were not put here to just work 9-5 and pay bills. We’re here to freakin’ awaken, inspire and light up like the Eiffel Tower. We’re souls having a human experience, so everytime you think you can’t live your best life say – I CAN! Living your best life can look like so many things, but ultimately the same feeling of happiness and unconditional love for yourself and life echoes throughout. Just imagine for a second, living your best life – looking up at the sky and just feeling a big sigh of happiness and peace. You can even do that now…there you’ve already connected to it, therefore it exists. Spiritual Queen you were not born to play small here on this Earth, you were born to rise and live your best life. The Universe wants to give you this so let it in, let the light in!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and love these photos just as much as I do. I recently did a photoshoot with photographer Ben Kapur and this was the result – pure goddess vibes! Sending you all love and light and make sure you give yourself permission to live your best life today. You’ve got this and I’m holding that space for you all. Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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