How To Prepare For A New Arrival

So we all know a new addition to the family can be pricey, The Guardian even ran a survey that said a new baby will cost New mums an extra £1k in ‘Baby Essentials’ or ‘Fancy Gadgets’. So I was asked by two of my close friends who are both expecting but don’t have a lot of money while on Maternity Leave to stock them up! How could I refuse?!

As Pictured, all clothing is from F&F (Tesco) with the recent £5 off a £5 spend voucher this would of cost £110 but all was FREE (some clothing already donated/ with new mums). My local Tesco were wetting themselves when I tried to carry 30 orders but non the less very impressed!

The Shoes pictured were all in the Asda George Sale for £1 each.

The Koala and toy cow are both FREE from signing up to Cow & Gate  & Koala Christmas Cushelle FREEBIE. You can gain tons of FREEBIES by signing up to Mum and Baby sites and they will send coupons regularly and promotions.

The Nappies were all FREE Samples from Huggies, Dry Nites and Pampers all available on they’re websites and come with £1 OFF Coupons. (Links in my Full list of Current Coupons).

5x Mum & Me Baby Shampoo (RRP £1.85 each) Reduced at Tesco Half Price to 86p along with my 5x 30p off Coupons from the FREE Cussons Mum & Me packs that made them £0.56p each!

I have also included the 5 packs I got for FREE RRP £3.

I’m really glad I can help my friends out this way, and they are so impressed with the goodies they will be recieving for their new babies!

RRP Total: £179.35 (Excluding Free Samples)

Actually Paid: £8.99

That’s a fantastic 98.9% Saving!


Emma xx
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