Monday Madness 14/7/14

Another Crazy day with Crazy Coupon Lady! Here is my haul for today:


– 3x Comfort Pure 3L RRP £18 – £0.42 (Manufactures Coupons and Store Offer)

– 7x Dettol Sprays £7 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 2x Dettol Floor Cleaners £2 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 1x Dettol No Touch System £10 – FREE (Manufacturs Coupons)

– 1x Dettol Soap Refill £3 – FREE (Manufactures Coupon)

– 7x Dettol Wipes £7 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 4x Johnson’s Baby Wipes £4 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 2x Johnson’s Baby Gel £6 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 2x Johnson’s Baby Oil £2 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

-1x Johnson’s Baby Softwash £1.25 – FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

-1x Johnson’s Baby 2 in 1 £1.25- FREE (Manufactures Coupons)

– 1x Discovery Fajita Mix £0.99 – FREE (Sample)

– Stately Living Book £9.99 – FREE (Giveaway at Asda)

I also collected FREE Samples in Asda which they were giving away today!


RRP Total: £72.48

Paid: £0.42

That’s a fantastic 99.6% Saving!

All Coupons are accessible by writing to Manufactures I’m not doing anything special just complementing!


Emma xx
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