With Leo Season upon us now August is a magical time full of many opportunities to go big and manifest HUGE abundance! So this week I wanted to share with you some key information and rituals you can do throughout August to supercharge your manifestations and attract lots of abundance…

So what is Leo season? Essentially, Leo season is when the sun is in the sign of Leo. Between the 22nd July – 22nd August is Leo season and a time where any Leo zodiacs celebrate their birthday. As the fifth sign of the zodiac, associated with the fifth house of romance and self-expression, Leo’s season can magnify your artistic impulses and desire for love, luxury, fun, and drama. Leo’s are deeply passionate and spot light loving! Ruled by the sun, which oversees self-image, confidence, and identity, the fixed fire sign is all about standing in your power, expressing yourself creatively, and seeing the bright side in any situation. While the sun is in Leo, you could feel more empowered, action-oriented, self-assured, and upbeat than usual. It’s a time of year that can make you feel fairly unstoppable — and set the stage to bond even more with the people you care about most. So you can see there is a lot of powerful energy at play with the Lion of the Leo energy which encourages us to focus this month and set big intentions. So what key dates should you look out for this month?

Key Dates 

28th July – Is the New Moon in Leo a time to set intentions and get clear on what you’d like to manifest over the next 30 days. The above themes still apply for this New Moon’s energy so make sure to write down a list on or around the New Moon with BIG bold goals you’d like to manifest over the next month.

8th August – Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8) is supposedly the most abundant day of the year! It’s a great day to manifest with supercharged energy. The Lion’s Gate Portal happens once a year when the sun is in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion’s Belt, and the Earth all line up making this a very special day full of manifesting potential. 8 is the number of abundance so abundance of all kinds will be heightened and is the goal here. You also have the chance to experience a positive force of energy and manifest your greatest desires with Lion’s Gate. So on the 8th I want to challenge you to be abundant AF. Maybe do some scripting, or fun manifestation practices that get you feeling abundant in every way. Make plans that make you feel abundant and remember to set those intentions on Lion’s Gate too!

12th August – Lastly we have the last Super Full Moon of the year in Aquarius on the 12th. As we’ve had 4 super moon’s in a row over the last few months it’s made the Full Moon’s feel even more potent. A super moon means the moon is visibly closer to the Earth so it’ll appear bigger in the sky at night as this means the themes of this Full Moon will be heightened also. Aquarius challenges us to go with the flow, forward think and connect to community so as you wrap up this month of abundant opportunities take the time to write a list on or around the Full Moon with all you’d like to release and let go of. Once you’ve written your list burn or destroy this safely and think about what you can be grateful for this Full Moon? What abundance has come into your life over July & August during Leo Season?

To finish off here are some Leo themed journaling prompts you can use this month to help you embody this BIG energy even more!

Journaling Prompts 

      • How can I boldly manifest my desires this month?
      • Where in my life can I be more bold and confident?
      • How can I use the Leo & Masculine powerful energy to take action this month?
      • What is holding me back from celebrating who I am and realizing my full potential?
      • How can I open myself up to an abundant flow of joy, playful expression and willpower?
      • Am I exercising my free will to create a life of joy, vitality and creative manifestation?

Don’t forget you can also watch my in-depth YouTube video on this topic too with extra tips, tools and rituals…


I hope this blog post has really served you and given you some great tips and tools on how you can powerfully manifest this August. Don’t forget the doors to my Manifestation Membership are open for the next week! The membership launched 31 months ago now which means when you sign-up you get instant access to over 31 months worth of topics and content. The membership is an affordable and accessible group coaching setting where you get monthly live moon circles and coaching sessions with myself, as well as industry expert circles with world-class experts, workbooks, meditations, videos, downloadable content and much more each and every month! If you’d like to find out more information and what’s included then you can find everything by clicking here and also how you can sign up. Join me and make 2022 a year filled with magic and manifestation! I can’t wait to see you in there Queen and help you manifest your dreams this year. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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