Over the last few months I’ve been sent back to the Universe’s classroom once again and have been indulging in the great spiritual book that is ‘A Course In Miracles’. I felt really drawn to this book after hearing Kyle Gray & Gabrielle Bernstein mention it many times in their own work. This is how I knew it was time to read it.

Now, I will admit it’s heavy reading – while I resonated with it and felt drawn to the teachings. It’s not for the spiritually faint hearted, it’s even been awarded the title of the most purchased book but read by few. It’s Shakespearean or biblical language can throw you off and I must admit as a millennial who is very visual, I do find it hard to understand and connect to the teachings. I ended up buying ‘A Course In Miracles – Made Easy’ by Alan Cohen, this made MUCH more sense to me and was incredibly relatable. Alan explained all the key teachings in a way that resonated with me so greatly and boom I was awake again.

I really feel like over the last few months I’ve had another spiritual awakening and I feel like I’ve downloaded a whole library load of new information and techniques. My psychic intuition is becoming stronger and my connection to my spirit guides and Angels also. I really felt that this week I should cover the main teaching of ‘A Course In Miracles’ Love vs Fear…

There are only two things in our awareness Love and Fear. Love is the truth, your truth, your peace and oneness. Fear is anything that stems from ego, separation and any negative beliefs. Love is the only truth in this world, after learning about illusions with a great mentor of mine just as he told me would happen, the universe was pulling the cloak of illusion from me. It’s now that I see this world in a very different light, I see it through the eyes of love and witness illusion, but I don’t welcome it into my life. Illusion can come from time, how we perceive situations, fear, the future – we’re all fearing something but know this is all illusion. When you come back to alignment with yourself and align with love you know your truth. You have answers to the questions you seek, you remember your purpose and that only divine love exists.

“Time is an illusion” – A Course In Miracles

I love how similar A Course In Miracles is to the Law of Attraction it all ties in and makes absolute sense. When we choose fear we are living in illusion, we are adding energy to the illusion. Yet if you remove the illusion (fear) and witness that you are loved, and your desires are met suddenly a wave of certainty washes over you. Why? It’s because you’ve removed the illusion and can see clearly. This world is full of smoke and mirrors and when we acknowledge that separation from anyone or anything it’s once again an illusion. You begin to see the bigger picture. You realise that the ‘blocks’, the ‘issues’, the ‘fear’ is all illusion and we are only creating them in our present by giving energy to them.

“There is no world apart from what you wish, and herein lies your ultimate release. Change but your mind on what you want to see, and all the world must change accordingly” – A Course In Miracles

So why should we choose love? Well, why the heck not! Aligning with love brings many miracles and that’s what I want to stress to you today. That a miracle is not a manifestation, it is merely a shift in perception. Just like I spoke about in my last blog post it’s the about the journey and your personal growth NOT the end result. The way to eliminate fear is to not feed it energy, it can’t exist when we are aligned with love and our truth. So anytime you feel yourself slipping into fear or illusion – witness it and then release it…let it go. Trust that the Universe has your back, work on your self-love and keep connecting to guidance. Whether that’s through spirit guides, Angels, oracle cards or intuition. Only feed energy into your truth and what you want your reality to look like. You can re-write your story at any time and receive endless miracles each and every day. At the end of the day all we can trust is love, if someone’s actions, words or your own do not stem from love it does not exist it is merely a diversion from your truth. So invest in your truth, in your power and in divine love.

“Those who are certain of the outcome, can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.” – A Course In Miracles

So I hope this blog post has helped to expand your mindset on love vs. fear and how to remove the illusions in life. I know this post may sound a bit heavy in places but this is what I channelled for you to read today. I hope that it brings you comfort, love and most importantly awareness to the illusions in your life and how love is certainly all around you. I hope you all have an incredible week, Lots of Love xx

Emma xx
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  1. Shaniece Sayer

    Wow! I really needed to see this today! Thank you xx

    1. Emma

      Thanks for reading Shaniece xx

  2. Laurice Franklin

    Hello Emma, thank you for this. Just want I needed to read. Love, Laurice xx

    1. Emma

      Thanks for reading this Laurice xx

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