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I have been so exited to show you what I have been up to recently! It may look like I have been spending way too much time relaxing in the bath and at my favourite store LUSH! This is true although it’s all for an exciting purpose, to show you all how LUSH this Autumn/Winter can be by the help of these edible looking goodies! So here is a list of all the goodies I have indulged in this Season. Also don’t forget to scroll down and watch my Bath Extravaganza Vlog!

Another great benefit of LUSH which really attracts me to their products are they are against animal testing, 100% Vegetarian and handmade.



Bath Bombs

Sparkly Pumpkin £3.50 (Pictured) – As I explain in my Vlog these cuties make me feel like I’m in a Disney Movie, perfect for the Halloween season. Although this is the only visible Halloween themed product I could see, this pumpkin isn’t your average pumpkin infused with sweet and spice it certainly smells very nice!

Northern Lights £3.50 (Pictured & in Vlog) – Although this is Halloween themed I believe it’s more of a Bonfire Night fizzer. Perfect for all those cold dark nights to come. With vibrant exciting colours this will certainly distract you from your Firework display. Not a strong scent in this one but the colours certainly make up for it! Also included are small white stars to brighten up your bath.

Luxury LUSH Pud £3.50 (Pictured & Vlog) – Although this Christmas Pud can’t be served up on the day it can certainly brighten up those dark winter nights. This disco ball of colour has to be my favourite to watch fizz as you will see in my Vlog.

Dashing Santa £2.95 – Sadly, my local LUSH store didn’t have this Christmasy Bath Bomb, hopefully I will see him somewhere on my travels before he dashes off for good!

Father Christmas £3.50 (Pictured & Vlog) – This Happy Chap is subtle in every way, but don’t let his pale colours deceive you. Although, he doesn’t have a strong smell this is perfect for LUSH lovers who don’t want an all singing all dancing bath bomb. With his Green tones once in the bath he is sure set to remind you of the festive season while you’re having a soak.

Golden Wonder £3.75 (Vlog) –  I’m regretting not getting this one now, the colours and scent are just divine. If the mermaid water doesn’t sell it to you (Vlog) the smell sure will. This very festive Boozy scent will have you relaxed in seconds.



IMG_1015Bath Melts 

Snow Angel £3.95 (Pictured & Vlog) – This sparkly Angel certainly will answer your prayers this season. With her sparkly base she will leave you not only smelling but feeling fabulous. With added moisture the yellow tones will certainly leave you at peace this season. Although, not my favourite she left my skin shimmering with gold sparkles!

The Melting Snowman £2.25 – The cute little chap is perfect for an aspiring LUSH addicts in the family. Great fun for Kids he not only is spice infused to smell like Christmas but his Snowman attire will certainly make bath time fun for all you parents!

Holly Golightly £4.75 (Pictured & Vlog) – Another Christmas Pud with a twist. Beware this little pud will sprinkle it’s magic everywhere so be careful getting it out and popping it in the bath. Again, this pud is infused with spices and is bright green again inside to fulfil the Christmas spirit. This has to be one of the funnest bath melts I have used!



Shower Gels

Snow Fairy £7.50 (250g) (Pictured)- I love sweet, strong smelling Shower Gels, so Snow fairy certainly is a Christmas match for me! The bright pink gel also has added sparkle for this Holiday season to keep you shining bright. All I can describe the smell as is Christmas Bubblegum!

So White £4.50 (100g)– This one is more subtle and will certainly please you apple fans. Infused with apples this Shower Gel is a great buy, just wasn’t my cup of tea purely because the scent was very subtle.

Hot Toddy £13.75 (500g) – This Berry red Shower Gel is great for you spice lovers with an added sparkle this will certainly get you in the festive mood. Infused with spices, personally I found it too overpowering just because I don’t like spicy smells.


Lip Scrubs

Santa’s Lip Scrub £5.50 (Vlog) – I LOVE my Lip Scrubs from LUSH I highly recommend them to leave your lips irresistible this season. This new Lip scrub certainly does leave you wanting to eat the whole pot (NOT EDIBLE!). I love how it is Cola infused, smells very much like Cherry Coke! It also boasts tiny love hearts on the top layer, Perfect match for my Coca-Cola Christmas Jammy’s!


Here is my Bath Extravaganza Vlog! Full of reviews of LUSH & Zoella. Don’t forget to Subscribe x


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Emma xx
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