Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set

Coffee, it’s what most of us pick up on our daily commute to work or what we share conversation over with friends. Some of you may or may not know that Costa’s coffee syrups are actually Monin and you can buy them to enjoy at home!

If you enjoy Costa Coffee then it’s more than likely you’ve tried a Monin coffee syrup in your drink. I personally love nothing more than a caramel latte in Costa, but what I don’t love so much is the price! At £2.55 just for a small this can become a costly habit if you visit frequently. I like to prepare my coffee at home, it’s not only cheaper but I can take it out and about with me and not have to pay these ridiculous prices, but I do love my syrups so I was excited to find that Monin sold their syrups. Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set

Currently £7.50 on Amazon this Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set which includes 5 syrups, is not only perfect for home use but great for gifts also. I know my Mum would love this come Mother’s Day! I tested out the syrups today and I’ve even found a new love for a gingerbread Latte. The 5 Syrups included are – Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Gingerbread and Chocolate Cookie. What’s great about this set is it also comes with 2 limited edition coffee stencils and recipe’s inside. They show you how to make your traditional flavoured hot latte, flavoured hot milk, flavoured hot mocha, flavoured hot chocolate & flavoured hot coffee. So there are plenty of variations for you to re-create at home!

Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set

Another handy benefit is you can always pop one of these mini syrup bottles in your handbag for when you do go out for coffee, just pay for a standard latte then sneak your own syrup in 😉 or prepare your own flavoured latte at home and take it with you. You can purchase this Monin coffee syrup gift set here for £7.50. Thanks to Monin for sending me this set and letting me try all these great flavours, you have certainly brightened up my afternoon coffee time. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite coffee syrup is?

Emma xx
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