Cocoa Crave – The Chocolate Subscription Box

What could be more exciting than reviewing yet another new monthly subscription box? Well subscription boxes certainly aren’t new over here on the coupon queen blog, BUT a chocolate subscription box certainly is. I repeat chocolates sent to you every month…stop what you’re doing and let me tell you all about the Cocoa Crave chocolate club.

So I’m not going to lie when I came across Cocoa Crave I got a little bit excited. I’m a big lover of food especially chocolate so this subscription box already ticked a lot of my boxes. The monthly chocolate club gives it’s subscribers each month 24 different luxury chocolates to explore, the box is letterbox friendly and you even get FREE UK Delivery which is always important. The chocolates you receive are fresh and handmade. This box would not only make a fab personal treat each month, but a great birthday present or gift as you can include a personal message inside.Cocoa Crave - The Chocolate Subscription Box

I must say when the postie delivered me this package I was super excited. Inside are 6 separate smaller boxes which store the delicious delights safely. Although the chocolates are a complete surprise each month it does come with a list of chocolates and the ingredients if you have any dietary worries. Although I would like the packaging to be more visually pleasing, I think they have left it minimal to suit the luxury feel and remind you it is a subscription box. None of my chocolates were damaged in the delivery process which I was really happy about also, and now for my favourite part the taste test 😀

White Soft Coconut Manon

Nantes Salted Caramel

Toledo Dark Praline

Milk Caramel Cream & Waffle Crunch Truffles

White Chocolate Rum Ganache

Dark Chocolate Truffle with Hazelnut & Honey

I did thoroughly enjoy tasting all these incredible flavours but would I buy this again? Well, as it stands no and that’s not because I didn’t enjoy it. I would personally like the option to select your own chocolates, I’m so fussy with chocolate and want to get my money’s worth. So I would keep my subscription up if I had a choice of chocolates to choose from and could create my own chocolate box each month. I still feel this a great idea and perfect for any chocoholic!

Make sure to USE CODE: CRAVE to get your first box for £10.64 instead of £15.95! You can visit Cocoa Crave here and can cancel your subscription at anytime which makes this scrumptious deal even sweeter 🙂

Emma xx
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