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I for one am the worst for drinking water, I always forget and much prefer a flavoured drink to plain old water. Robinsons have launched a new campaign over the winter to encourage us to all drink more water and the importance. With two new Sqaush’d flavours which have also just launched it was rude not to try them out!

Robinsons have always been in my cupboards, from my childhood to present day I have always been partial to a glass of summer fruits juice. One reason I stopped drinking Robinsons was after I found out that the full size bottles contained Aspartame. This reacts with my stomach really badly and I would regret drinking my favourite drink. So when Robinsons sent me this delightful package I was really apprehensive as I knew I wouldn’t want to enjoy drinking it. To my surprise these Squash’d drinks do not contain Aspartame which is a massive positive in my books. Next it was on to the taste test.

I love Lemon & Lime so I was really excited to try this one and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Full of flavour and certainly refreshing I can’t wait to pop this in a tumbler with some ice to cool down in the summer. Next was Passion Fruit & Mango this flavour I probably wouldn’t of picked this flavour first of all but I do really like and I’ve been converted. I loved these two drinks so much that I went out and brought Apple & Blackcurrant and Summer Fruits also. I love the size of these bottles they are so handy to take out and about when you want to add some flavour, and they don’t take up too much cupboard space which is also a bonus.


Normally I will drink about 500ml of water a day (I know I’m terrible!) I always end up forgetting and only drinking when I’m really thirsty or I’ll end up drinking fizzy drinks in an attempt to hydrate. This does not do any wonders for my body nor my skin, so I have been really conscious of this recently. Since finding these fab new flavours I have been definitely drinking 2 litres of water a day. They really do make me want to drink more and it doesn’t feel like such a chore. I have also noticed that my skin has cleared up a bit and that my stomach hasn’t felt as bloated, as I’ve replaced the fizzy drinks with water. Robinsons also included a really handy recipe book which includes a variety of fruity creations to try throughout the year. To find out more about the Robinsons range you can visit the website here.

Emma's Top TipThese are currently £2.49 in Tesco, but I found these in my local Poundland the other day! So keep your eyes peeled.

Emma xx
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  1. attiya qureshi

    Just wanted to know where the Robison glasses are from they look so cute.

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