So once again I’ve been a busy little bee and have been working hard to create another one of my visions for my merchandise range. For years I’ve wanted to create my own subscription boxes but I was never quite sure where to start or what I’d include in them. There aren’t to my knowledge any UK Law of Attraction boxes so once again I saw a gap in the market and wanted to fill it with my positivity!

It was only a few weeks ago, when I was talking to my best friend Kirsty about Law of Attraction boxes and she said ‘Why don’t you create them with your current merchandise and crystals?’ Well, Kirsty helped me to have my lightbulb moment – as I realised yes I really could do that! I wanted to create not only a great gift idea but a wonderful act of self-love for yourself. So I sourced some letterbox friendly boxes and got to work to create three different variations of boxes for you. Each box is designed to give you great tools to help raise your vibration and help you to bring your dreams to fruition. These are subscription free at the moment and are one-off purchases, I would like to in the future start more regular boxes filled with different products each time from different brands but for now here are my very own Law of Attraction boxes…

Manifestation Box £20 – Worth £28 separately 
Manifestation Journal
Gratitude Rock
Rose Quartz
Dragon Egg Crystal
Slogan Pencil Set
White Sage Incense Sticks (unboxed)
Follow Your Dreams Print

Gratitude Box £20 – Worth £28 separately 
Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Rock
Rose Quartz
Dragon Egg Crystal
Slogan Pencil Set
Attracts Money Incense Sticks (unboxed)
Ask Believe Receive Print

Desk Planner Box £20 – Worth £28 separately 
Law of Attraction Desk Planner
Gratitude Rock
Rose Quartz
Dragon Egg Crystal
Slogan Pencil Set
Good Fortune Incense Sticks (unboxed)
What If I Fall? Print

So with three designs to choose from I know I’ve made it difficult for you all to choose! If you would like a particular incense or print from my website included instead of the one advertised, then please do let me know in the comments section in the checkout process. I will try my best to include these for you but it will depend on stock availability. Each box comes wrapped in pink tissue paper and sealed with a branded sticker. You will also get a note included explaining the box and what’s inside. All boxes will be sent signed for through Royal Mail, and yes I’m doing international delivery again!

I’ve had so much fun creating these boxes and if you’d like to purchase one you can do so on my blog shop here or on my Etsy store. I really hope you enjoy these boxes and they bring lots of positivity into your life. I hope you all have a fantastic week! Lots of Love xx


Emma xx
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