Nails Inc & Kinder Bueno all for £1.70

Nails Inc

Last week, I brought you a unbelievable offer from Kinder Bueno. Buy a Promotional Pack (RRP 70p) & get £5 OFF Nails Inc! Let’s see what I got…

Browsing over my lunch choice in Tesco’s I stumbled across NEW promotional packs of Kinder Bueno. Inside is a £5 off (no min. spend) Code for Nails inc. Jumping at the chance as I remembered they had a SALE on I went onto the website and began my search.

Pick UpI immediately went to the SALE items and found almost instantly this Timeless Colours Set for £6 Reduced from £35! I entered my code to test it and as if by magic £1 my basket came to, not bad as individually they retail for £12! Delivery is £3.95 which I felt dampened my excitement a bit. I’ve actually got this refunded as Good old’ Uk Mail took 6 days to deliver and didn’t even attempt to deliver! Anyway, It’s all been worth it for what I finally received today!

As you can see in my picture I got more than I bargained for, I just expected a set of nail varnishes. Instead, I got a really nice Nails Inc. bag, my 4x set of varnishes & a Kinder Bueno (nom!). Now who can complain at these extra freebies. I love the care and attention put into the parcel as well. I will be heading back for more soon!

Let me know in the comments below if you got any bargains with your £5 off code! You can still purchase the same set as I got for £6 here.


Emma xx
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. seun

    Is the free bag a standard thing ? I’ve had a look and it’s not in the description

    1. Emma

      No idea, When I checked out it didn’t appear anyway neither on my invoice. It may be something they are running inline with the promotion when you use the Bueno code. 🙂

      1. Seun

        Thanks for replying. I hope I get one! 🙂

  2. sue sands

    Hello, just bought the promotional pack of kinder bueno. No code inside for nails inc. Do you have a phone number or e mail address for them?

    1. Emma

      Hi Sue, here are the Consumer contact details for Kinder Bueno might me worth trying them ([email protected], 020 3135 0750)

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