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Eeek, I’m so excited to bring you a review of my fab Benefit Cosmetics Haul, The Brand NEW Puff Off! AND this month’s ELLE magazine Freebie NEW Roller Lashes. This one’s for all my Bene Babes!


Puff Off! (RRP £22.50)puffoff

So, I’ve been jumping at the Postman waiting for the Newbie to arrive! Puff Off! is an Instant Eye Gel to help smooth the look of puffies. I suffer with puffy eyes often, whether it late nights or I’m getting emotional, I always seem to have bags under my eyes. The first feature in which I love is the iron shape head, it is a really nifty design and really helps with application. Although the ‘Gel’ looks like a beige creme, mixed with the coldness of the iron head it is really soothing. I loved the IMG_1719cold feel on my eyes and they instantly felt more relaxed and less heavy. I loved the after feeling of tightness under my eyes and the refreshed feel. I will defiantly be adding this to my daily routine and highly recommend!

Magic Ink Review (RRP £15.50, Paid £10.83)

It may just seem like a normal Black Eyeliner to you and I but being in the sale for £10.83 I had to try this. I use black liquid eyeliner in my daily routine so finding an eyeliner cost effective is really important to me. I normally use Collection 2000 (Superdrug) which costs about £3 and have used this for a few years now. Upon application, the brush is really soft and very easy to be an artist with. I’m used to a hard brush so had to adjust to flowing with brush. It dries really quickly which is always a bonus and gave an even colour across my eyelid. I am impressed with Magic Ink and being The UK’s Number 1 Selling Eyeliner product many of you agree! It’s a nice treat but I think I’ll be sticking to my usual as it costs far less and does the same job.

POREfessional Mini & Clock IMG_1715

I got these FREE with my order which is an added bonus, not only did I get 2 from the promotion they ran, I tweeted them and they sent me a voucher for another FREE one! So 4, freebies later I’m well stocked! The Clock I got free as I spent over £30 (ouch). I really think it’s a cute touch and great for a small office space or bedroom. I swear by POREfessional so again grabbing freebies when I can is a MUST!


Tweezerman for Benefit Brow Shaping Brush (RRP £10.50 Paid £5.83)

Another Sale item, I currently use Browzings Shaping Kit. So thought this would make a great addition. When using it, don’t get me wrong it certainly does it’s job but felt maybe it could come with some mini tweezers for that price. I usually pick up some FREE mascara wands from my local Benefit Counter and it does the same job! I guess, I have to look it at it they will last me years, and come in a nice silver pen like casing to protect the brush. Not bad for £5.83 but I wouldn’t pay £10.50!

Roller Lashes Review

ELLE (March 2015 £4)

A great addition to my monthly purchase of ELLE magazine (£4). In Marollerch’s edition is a mini mascara (Rolle Lashes) Benefit’s NEW statement piece. The reviews are shining and every Blogger seems to have one in their possession. I was thrilled when I grabbed mine, it cam with a paper frame to take a #selfie with and post on social media which I thought was a great/fun touch. I’ve used Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ for about 2 years now and became addicted. After finding a new love in Bourjois it has sadly sat at the back of my Beauty cabinet. So would this NEW Roller Lashes mascara change my mind? The packaging is really inviting on the full size, and the ‘roller’ aspect really makes you feel like a 60s’ housewife getting ready for a night out. I feel Benefit’s marketing is spot on with the retro feel, it’s different to most bland brands marketing!

After using Roller Lash for the past few days I have fallen back in love with Benefit Mascara’s. It’s so east to use and really gives me the length I desire for everyday use. I wouldn’t wear this mascara when I want thickness, I would stick to my Younique fibre lashes. But, an all round fab everyday mascara!


Emma xx
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