Partylite Christmas Collection & Competition

It’s that time of the year again…I’m trying so hard not to mention the C word but it’s cropping up everywhere! Not only is this the best time for bargain hunting for presents, It’s also a great time to spoil yourself and decorate the house with festive candles!

Partylite got back in contact and asked if my followers would like to WIN a festive bundle, well I couldn’t say no. The competition I’m running with them is at the bottom so make sure to enter, you will win everything I’m showing you here.

After discovering Partylite through a Halloween review, I must say I have kept up with my promise and brought these over Yankee Candles. As much as I adore Yankee Candle my bank balance really doesn’t reflect the same passion as I do. You can buy these Partylite candles through representatives a bit like Avon. So let’s take a look at what goodies I received!



I really like the colours of this trio, very festive! I would personally give these as a gift instead of buying them for myself. The smells consist of Iced Snowberries™ (White), Crimson Berry (Red), Emerald Balsam (Green). These stunk out the entire box which just shows you how strong the scents really are. They are pleasant, not sickly at all which is also a benefit.


These are so perfect, the snowflake design really does make all the difference and looks incredible with a candle in. Perfect for lighting and keeping you company while snuggling up on the sofa, I think this is a really good price for the quality as well. They do smell festive, but then again that could be the above trio making everything smell Christmasy!



This has to be my favourite scent out of the lot. I really don’t like the Yankee Candle christmas scents, as I just find them too sweet or spicy. The reason why I love these is because it smells more fruity and sweet while not being over powering. I could sit and smell this all day quite happily!



This is the most incredible tea-light holder I have ever seen. I am so excited to add this to my console table along with over festive decorations. Although this would be a complete luxury splurge for me, I do think it looks incredible and makes the room feel so cosy and festive! It’s also great for Autumn not just Christmas.

Let me know your thoughts of the Christmas collection in the comments below! Don’t forget to enter our competition also.

WIN a Partylite Christmas Candle Bundle

Emma xx
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  2. Hi Emma. Love your blogs.
    I love Partylite candles….I converted to them 18 years ago – a quality candle company. Wax clean burning and lasting fragrances. I have been a consultant for over 5 years – love ”em. Anybody wishing to purchase can do so thru’ my website

  3. These are lovely, I an almost smell Xmas!… And you know what the husband keeps asking for more candles!!!

  4. They all look fabulous. Can almost smell them from here from the description. I’m buying a new house & hoping to complete by Christmas. I !ay in dulge in some of these to get it smelling Christmasy in a short space of time

  5. Thank you for the chance this would be perfect for my nana 🙂 x

  6. The candles look fantastic!!! Thank you for all you do hon <3 Keeping fingers and toes crossed xxx

  7. recently been to 2 of these parties and they smell amazing especially the melts in fig scent x

  8. So Christmassy!!!! Perfect for our annual Christmas Party =)

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