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Who knew that Home Bargains delivered flowers? Well I certainly didn’t! With an affordable range of bouquet’s for every occasion I’m excited to receive my first bunch.

When Home Bargains asked me if I would like to review one of their bouquet’s I was shocked they even sold flowers. After choosing my bunch online I opted for the 20 rose bunch, because of the Autumnal colours and I just love roses. I recently ordered with Bloom & Wild which is £15 for a monthly subscription, in which I receive a different bouquet every month. I thought £15 was a great price but when I saw this rose bouquet only cost £9.99 with FREE Delivery I knew I was on to a winner!

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I’m sad and normally end up buying flowers for myself, so finding a beautiful bunch which will last as long as possible without breaking my budget is important. On the flower delivery service they have flowers for all occasions even Halloween themed one’s at the moment. This makes it really easy to find the right bouquet and in no time at all. We are all guilty of forgetting those important occasions and having a fantastic service like this with FREE 1-2 day delivery is great, you can also pay £2.95 for next day delivery.  Men you now have no excuse!

So my 20 rose bouquet arrived today (next day delivery), I’m always fascinated by how they keep the flowers hydrated as they could damage so easily. Mine came in a long cardboard box and wrapped in this lovely paper. The roses all looked healthy, colourful and fresh which means they are going to last a long time. At the bottom was a wet gel like layer this is to make sure the flowers are well hydrated and it certainly worked. I also got some rose feed in a sachet, so I can’t wait to enjoy this Autumnal themed bouquet for many weeks to come.

Overall, I’m impressed with not only the ordering system, selection of flowers and pricing. Also, how quickly they were delivered and how healthy the flowers are. I’m certainly going to keep ordering from Home Bargains and save myself £5 a month! Let me know in the comments below if you have ordered flowers from Home Bargains?

Emma xx
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  1. Karen sinclair

    Wow I may try this. I ordered flowers from Bloom and wild for my grans birthday and the quality and freshness were amazing and lasted about 3 to 4 weeks so you will need to keep me updated on how long these last. I never even knew home bargains done flowers let alone home delivery.

    1. Emma

      Hi Karen, my Bloom & Wild lasted 3 weeks also I was so impressed! Hopefully these do too as they are cheaper and it means I can keep having lovely flowers in my office X

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