After watching Netflix’s new ‘Yes Day’ film at the weekend it got me thinking about how we can say YASS more in life and the power that saying YASS has with manifesting and the Universe. So this week I thought I’d create a fun blog post to help you say YASS more to life and your dreams this week.

The last year has felt like a massive no from all directions as we’ve been in lockdown and stopped from doing a lot of the things we love and find fun. But, that doesn’t mean we have to stop saying YASS to things that can bring us joy here and now as these small YASS’s lead to bigger YASS’s too! With that below are my suggestions on how you can say YASS more in life and manifest magic along the way.

Healthy Boundaries

Now of course healthy loving boundaries are important in life and actually saying YASS to you and your boundaries can be a big powerful YASS to the Universe. When you say YASS to yourself, you’re choosing yourself and saying that YASS my needs and wants are important too. So make sure this is something you’re are doing regularly and are only saying YASS to things that feel good to you if not then it’s a YASS to yourself and a no to anything else.

New Experiences

When we take a leap of faith and say YASS to a new experience we are also saying YASS to the vibration of fun, joy, and new beginnings. Remember old ways won’t open new doors so saying YASS to new experiences can be a great opportunity to shift energy, meet new people, make new connections and have fun. You never know who you might meet or what might happen by saying YASS to new experiences. So remember to put yourself out there no matter what you’re trying to manifest because you never know what positive surprises the Universe might have in store for you. When I think back to when I manifested opportunities, friends, or even relationships it’s always happened when I’ve been in new places, saying YASS to new things and having fun.

“Remember old ways won’t open new doors so saying YASS to new experiences can be a great opportunity to shift energy, meet new people, make new connections and have fun. You never know who you might meet or what might happen by saying YASS to new experiences.”

Doors Opening

Saying YASS more in life also allows new doors to open up, or simply put abundance. With this shift in energy, you’ll notice that more doors open for you and you’ll be feeling closer to your desires with each YASS (as long as it’s a hell YASS). This creates a ripple effect where you’re flowing with life and allowing the Universe to guide you with each decision and opportunity. So you’re also getting closer to your desires as you’re in the stream of allowing and receiving. This is a win-win for manifesting as the more fun you have the more abundance you’ll attract as you naturally let go, surrender and flow with life.


Saying YASS to yourself is one of the most important steps here! All YASS’s have to feel good to you and aligned, sometimes we will make a spontaneous YASS but deep down our intuition will be guiding that decision still. So trust in yourself more, trust in your decision making but also allow yourself to be guided by the Universe. Maybe this is your reminder to start saying YASS to yourself more this week, this is a great act of self-love and will not only fill your cup but make sure your energy is directed towards what will best serve you. Also with lockdown over the last year, it has felt like we’ve had to say a lot of no’s to the things we love, experiences and fun too. So start by making small YASS’s even if it’s just saying YASS to yourself today start of small and build your YASS’s up!


Now of course inspired by the new Netflix film ‘Yes Day’ mixed with my YASS Queen energy – have yourself a YASS day. You could of course include your kids and loved ones in this but equally, maybe it’s a day for yourself. The rule is that for 24 hours you must say YASS to everything (as long as it’s not dangerous and isn’t in the future). I would suggest watching the film for some fun inspiration, but equally if you’ve wanted to do some fun things for a while, prioritise yourself or any projects this is the day to say YASS to all things fun whilst also letting the Universe surprise you too. You could start off your YASS day by saying ‘Universe please guide me to decisions, opportunities, and places for my highest good that I can say YASS to today’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it’s given you some great tips and tools to help you say YASS more in life and create fun and abundance. If you’d like to say YASS to something fun and new this week my 5-day FREE Creative Manifesting with Your Inner Child challenge is starting on the 29th of March! Join me from the 29th March – 2nd April to take this work even deeper with daily challenges, tools, and meditations you can keep designed to help you create abundance with your Inner Child! You can find out more information and join the FREE challenge here. As always please do let me know your thoughts on this blog post in the comments section down below. I hope you have a positive and abundant week whatever you’re up to. I’m sending you all lots of love xx

Emma xx
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