Thrifty Thursday 14/8/14

So today was an extra special shop as I had some lovely company (more to follow on 11th September) but here is my fab haul for today!


I also used £4.50 Clubcard points and £1.43 Price promise Coupon.

1x 9pk Toilet Roll £2.45 – FREE (Overge & Clubcard Vouchers)

5x Seabrook Crisps £5 – FREE (Coupons from their Facebook & £3.50 Overage as coupons scan at £1.70!)

4x Walkers £6.72 – FREE (4 for £4 + Manufacture’s Coupon + £1 Overage)

1x Shloer £2.25 – FREE (Reduced to £1.50 + 50p off Coupon + Overage)

1x Febreeze  £3 – FREE (Reduced to £2 + Manufactures Coupons)

1x Flash Gel £3.49 – FREE (Reduced to £1.50 + 50p off Coupon + Manufacture’s Coupon)

1x Lynx Shower Gel £2.20 – FREE (Reduced to £1.20 + Overage)

1x Always Discreet Liners £1.99 – £0.14 (Reduced to £1.49 + £1 Coupon from FREE Sample + Overage)

1x Kenco Millicano £2 – FREE (Manufactures coupon)

2x Oreo (partner’s order!) £2.38 – FREE (Overage + Manufactures Coupon)

2x Skips £2 – FREE (Overage + Clubcard Vouchers)

2x Mission Deli Wraps £1.76 – FREE (2x 50p off Coupons from Metro + Overage)

4x Fairy Washing up Liquid £6.72 – FREE (2 for £2 + Manufactures Coupons)

3x Cadbury Cakes £3 – FREE (3 for 2 + Overage + Clubcard Coupons)

1x Jaffa Cakes £3.19 – FREE (Manufactures Coupon + Overage)

1x Milk £1 – FREE (Clubcard Coupon)

2x Florette Peppercress £2.20 – FREE (Reduced to £2 + 2x FREE Coupons scanning at £1.20 + 20p Overage)

1x Orange Juice £1 – FREE (25p off Clubcard Voucher + Overage)

1x Ristorante Pizza £2.50 FREE (£1 off Coupon from Bzzagent + Clubcard Vouchers)

2x Shape Yogurts £2 – FREE (Manufactures monthly coupons)

RRP Total: £56.85

Paid: £0.14

That’s an incredible 99.8% Saving!


Emma xx
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