Thrifty Thursday 21/08/14

Today I had a lovely afternoon off with Crazy Coupon Lady – Anastasia we found some brilliant bargains so here is my shop! With some lovely help from my favorite Body Shop employee.


2x Sanex Sprays £5.38 – £1  (Reduced to £2, 2x 50p off Coupons)


4x Sanex roll on’s £7.56 – £0.92 (Reduced to 73p each, 4x 50p off Coupons)

Body Shop

1x Body Sorbet £8 – £3 (£5 off with Love your body Birthday discount)

2x Shower Gels – £8 – £1 (£3 off coupons)

1x Shea Butter hand cream £3 – FREE (£3 off coupon)


2x Carefree Liners £6 – £2 (Reduced to £4, 2x £1 off manufactures coupons)

3x Always Pads £4.65 – £1.50 (Reduced to £3, 3x 50p off manufactures coupons)

3x Dettol No touch £29.97 – £3 (Reduced to £5 each, £12 off manufactures coupon)

3x Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo £6- £3 (Reduced to £1.50 each, 3x Asda mag coupons September)


– 1x Lattice crisps £1.99 – 50p (Reduced to £1, 50p off Morrisons voucher)

– 3x Ariel Laundry Gel £21 – £10 (3 for £10 offer)

– 2x Sanex roll on’s £3.78 – £0.94 (Reduced to £0.97 2x 50p off coupons)

– 3x Dettol laundry £13.50 – £0.87 (Reduced to £2.29 each, 3x £2 off manufactures coupons)

I also had a £4 off a £50 spend coupon which we split


RRP Total: £111.27!! (this seems so high for such little! All prices are taken from mysupermarket app)

Paid: £25.73

That’s a 76.9% Saving!

Some great offers in store at the moment, well worth a look as they can save you lots of money even without coupons. Manufactures coupons have come from writing to companies and complimenting.


Emma xx
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