Once again I can’t believe how amazing Treatbox UK’s monthly box has been, so much so I had to show you all it again this month. I must say I think this is my favourite theme so far…inspirational and positive!

If you would like to look at previous boxes from Treatbox UK I’ve done quite a few reviews here on my blog. When I came home on Friday from Barcelona, I was greeted with May’s Treatbox on my doorstep. I’m like a child at Christmas when it arrives, I’m surprised I actually remember to film an unboxing for Instagram stories. Treatbox is £12.95 a month including delivery, you can subscribe so that they take automatic payments each month and your box will be delivered on the first week of every month. This is the cheaper and best way to ensure you get a box before they sell out! If you fancy just buying them as you go, it’s £14.95 off their website. I think this has to be my favourite monthly subscription box because it’s not just your average beauty box, it’s a home decor and lifestyle box with a great theme each month. When I saw it was a positivity and inspirational box I knew I was going to love every single thing inside.


Feather Scarf

This gorgeous scarf instantly grabbed my attention, I’m obsessed with feathers at the moment as I’ve just had one as my latest tattoo, the metallic tones on this scarf are just perfect. I can’t wait to wear this out or even have it as a light cover up in the summer.

Home Print

Designed by Simona Matuozzo this beautiful typography print can be framed and even personalised on her website. I love the style of this print, once again Treatbox has created such a great theme for May’s box I can’t find anything I don’t love!

Cresent Moon & Star Necklace

A great little jewellery addition this month with such a great quote. Although this box doesn’t scream spiritual it certainly does tick a lot of boxes and appeals to my spiritual side. Another great thing about Treatbox is that even if you don’t think the items would suit you they make great gifts also.

Made By Coopers Bath Salt

Again this is another instant winner in my books as I love my baths. It’s the perfect way to relax and bath salts are so important, I hadn’t heard of Made by Coopers Apothecary before but a completely vegan and organic product has to be great! With Himalayan salt in, I know that I’m going to feel super positive after having a bath with this in.

Decorative Plaque

Since moving into my house, I’m loving quotes and little decorative pieces. This plague pretty much sums my life up and is super inspirational too. I love having signs like this around my home so that any visitors can feel uplifted and inspired!

Decorative Stickers

I’m planning on using these stickers in my Happiness Planner as they are so cute and my favourite colours also. This is a great addition to May’s box as I haven’t seen any stationery for a while in these boxes.

10 Mini Postcards 

Once again I’m in love with these positive quotes and affirmations, designed to bring you daily motivation these are great to carry around with you or to pop around your home. The designs are great on these I think I’d even include them in gifts to bring some empowerment to one of my friends or family.


So there you have it May’s inspirational box has certainly gone done a treat with me. You can visit the Treatbox UK website here to view previous monthly boxes and purchase. As always please do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Emma xx
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  1. Chrissy

    Looks amazing! – I’ll check it out right now as could make the perfect present for a friend – thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Emma

      Thanks Chrissy ❤️

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